1. Have been looking around and haven't really seen a topic on this yet. This is my dream school/program. I am from Seattle so I am having to get a lot of info from them long-distance instead of going to an information session. Has anyone gone to an information session yet?
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  3. by   choe.cm
    I went to the info session over the summer. I was going to apply to UCLA and CSULB but since CSULB might not have a entry level program for Fall 2013, UCLA might be my only bet. Most of the stuff they went over at the info session can be found online. The most important part (at least the part they stressed the most) is the statement of purpose. Good luck applying! If you need more information about anything specific feel free to ask :]]
  4. by   jkm07
    Alright, it's kind of dead in here. Due date is in a month! Where are all the other applicants at?!

    From the website it says that we only need to send in a transcript from the institution where we got our BA/BS and other colleges where we did our prerequisites. So I'm guessing that if I took a random history class at a community college I wouldn't need to turn in a transcript for that...?
  5. by   Hopefulpednurse
    Hi Everyone,

    I am also applying to UCLA MECN for Fall 2013. Has anyone already finished their Statement of Purpose? I am having a difficult time keeping to 8000 characters.
  6. by   choe.cm
    I am surprised that there isn't much activity on this post; hopefully that means not many people are applying and thus a better chance to get in. :]]
    The only transcripts you need is the one from your BA/BS school and any schools you did your prereqs at. So if you took that random history class at one community college and didn't complete any other prereqs from that school, you don't need it.
    I finished my Statement of Purpose but I am having some difficulties with the Diversity Statement for the fellowship. Just a couple weeks to go!
  7. by   ldytrjn
    Hey guys, yeah this board is kind of dead. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was applying lol. I am working on my statement of purpose but am unsure of exactly what they are looking for. I know they want to know why we picked UCLA but I don't think the good location will really sound good on the essay I'm a Seattle girl but am looking to relocate with my family. Hopefully we succeed here. Only two more weeks! I can't believe it. I wasn't sure if healthcare experience helps, cause I have a bunch of it. Chloe: what did they mention about the statement of purpose specifically?
  8. by   choe.cm
    @Ldytrjn: They were very specific in what they wanted. (1) Why you want to be a nurse, (2) Why UCLA, (3) what are your goals, (4) what did you do to prepare (volunteer/work experience). Be sure to mention anything multicultural and any disadvantages you might have had. Btw, it is Choe ( last name) not Chloe. :]] Let me know if you need anything else.Just sent my transcripts today. I hope I get in, especially since they might cut the entry master program at Long Beach :[[
  9. by   choe.cm
    @ldytrjn: Do you mind me asking about your experience and stuff? Just scoping out the other applicants :]]
  10. by   BAE2010
    Hello fellow future nurses!

    Is it necessary for us to complete the "Awards-Distinctions" and "Publications-Organizations" portions on that Statement of Purpose (SOP) tab? Or can we bypass it and just enter our SOP in that last entry field?

    Thanks for the help
  11. by   choe.cm
    I didn't have any publications and stuff like like so I left that blank, but I was on the Dean's list a couple times so I added that under awards. I think the more information the better because you want then to really know you.
  12. by   ldytrjn
    I am unsure as well about the awards and distinctions section. I wrote a discertation (sp?) for my bachelors but I don't think that really counts. I'm probably going to be sending them a lengthy, pain-in-the neck type email asking about that kind of stuff specifically since we're now in the home stretch.

    @Choe Sorry about mixing up the name. I have a bad tendency to skim . About my healthcare experience. I have been working at a local hospital on and off for about 5 years or so. I had a more committed stretch this summer when I worked in the ICU, I was able to average about 20 hours a week for 3 months. My major experience is kind of unusual because I got it as a 1st year nursing student at another program. I'm not going to mention names but I left the program because it was really bad (and I wanted at least a BSN). That's why I'm hoping to switch into a better program such as this. On the floor at my clinicals, I worked oncology, surgery, acute respiratory, and ortho. As part of school I also worked for three months in an assisted living center and have my CNA as a result. In clinicals I did many things from dressing changes, to administering medication and a bunch of other cool stuff. When I got my CNA license I was able to do CPR on patients which was intense, but I'm grateful for the experience. I am nervous about getting into this program because I have repeated courses in the past. In the program that I was originally in they did a points system so we were encouraged to repeat courses until we got 4.0s in as much as we could.

    What are everybody else's stats on here. I'm really curious myself.
  13. by   ldytrjn
    I didn't hear about the Long Beach program closing?! I wanted to apply there as a backup but I heard that they were not accepting any out of state applicants. I'm applying to Asuza, Concordia, and San Marcos as backups in California as well as several backups here in WA. My preference is CA though because I really want to move closer to my family. Out of curiosity to all of you in the CA area: What are your backups? I looked around for other schools, but since I don't know the area really well, it kind of limits my search.
  14. by   choe.cm
    Wow @ldytrjn I think you beat everyone in experience hands down (: my experience is limited to volunteering at a hospital for the last year. My GPA for undergrad is 3.74 and I got mostly A's and B's in my prereqs. I am mostly worried about my SOP and letters of rec