transcript form for CA BON

  1. I'm applying for endorsement for CA licensure. Do I seriously need to send that "transcript request" form to all of the schools I attended for my pre-reqs? Typically, the schools just mail out an official transcript. I can't imagine that the BON is that strict about pre req transcripts? Or am I totally wrong?
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  3. by   outriton
    You need to send the transcript request form to every school you've ever done any nursing or nursing pre-req coursework at and have them send the form along with your transcript to the BRN. They really are that serious and strict.
  4. by   Purinmeow
    Anyone else have more to add to this? Because my college does not seem to send transcripts straight from there, but instead uses a 3rd party.
  5. by   babyeggplant
    When I went through the online process in April they listed an email to mail transcripts to.
  6. by   outriton
    I think the issue with official transcripts coming from the university or the university's designated provider is that it's not coming from the applicant who may have been able to tamper with it, not that a third party transcript provider is unacceptable. If it comes "officially" from the university or however the university goes about providing transcripts, it's ok.