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Hi all,I noticed that there was no thread for the upcoming program and thought I would get one started. I have had my interview and I'm not in the waiting game. Hopefully this thread can be a place... Read More

  1. by   BeachBlueRN
    No I haven't heard from them yet, they told me it would be about 2 weeks. When did you friend have their panel interview?I have not heard anything about a 3rd interview.That's interesting. I'm more nervous now that I know they have been making calls and I haven't heard anything.
  2. by   MissRN2012
    I was told by the nurse recruiter that some managers may call back within a couple of days and some up to a couple of weeks, it just depends, don't worry just yet
  3. by   BeachBlueRN
    I'm trying not to worry. Lol Have you already had your panel missrn12?
  4. by   MissRN2012
    Yes, I had my panel on the 5th. Best of luck to everyone!!
  5. by   BeachBlueRN
    O ok. Good luck to everyone hopefully we all hear positive news very soon.l
  6. by   knurs

    I was wondering if anyone had their 3rd interview yet?? And if so, how was it like??
  7. by   BeachBlueRN
    I didn't even know that they were doing 3rd interviews until someone else on her mentioned that their friend has one scheduled.Did they tell you about this interview right after or panel or did they call you after to schedule the interview?If you don't mind me asking what were your unit preferences? Perhaps some managers request a 3rd and some don't.
  8. by   knurs
    They called me about a week after the panel interview to come in for a 3rd interview. So I'm not sure what this means. My unit preferences were med-surg, oncology and PCU
  9. by   BeachBlueRN
    Still waiting...
  10. by   MissRN2012
    I was offered a position for Pediatrics today Hope you all hear back today too!!!
  11. by   knurs
    yayy congrats!!! did you just get the offer after the 2nd panel interview??

    i'm anxious about doing a 3rd one and i don't know what to expect haha
  12. by   nurs1ng
    Quote from MissRN2012
    I was offered a position for Pediatrics today Hope you all hear back today too!!!
    MissRN do u know when the Versant program starts?
  13. by   BeachBlueRN
    Congrats to you missrn12! Was peds your top choice?@nurs1ng I was told the program starts aug 6