The Military and my A.D.N.

  1. Hello everyone I'm new to this website and this is my first post. I have a sticky situation and would like to know what my peer pre-nursing students and other nurses think.

    My husband is currently in the U.S. Army and we have been overseas for six years and we will be again for another four years. I'm currently a pre-nursing student at New Mexico State. (Even though I was born and raised in California.)I want to get my ultimate goal is to get my BSN but I would like my A.D.N. so I sit for the NCLEX in order to recieve my RN. That way I only have one year left with my BSN. Currently I have all my core done and plan to get my pre-req's done this summer with University of Phoenix. Once this is finished I can apply to an ADN program but that is where the problem lyes (clinicals).

    Does anyone know of an A.D.N program that can be taken online and will take clinicals from a military base nurse and/or doctor?

    My other option was to go in the military as a medic and hope I get the top of my class to be chosen for an LPN slot. Which I know can do their LPN to RN program online.

    I'm sorry if this is confusing but it's a very complex situation that I would like some opinions on. Thank you fot taking time out of your day and reading my post. Good luck to all of my peer pre-nursing students!
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  3. by   medicmatt44
    "My other option was to go in the military as a medic and hope I get the top of my class to be chosen for an LPN slot. "

    This is not possible. This is a rumor which has somehow persisted for years. I was the honor graduate in my Medic (68W) class BTW.

    The only way to be chosen for a LPN slot is to have the LPN option in your contract (68W M6).

    That being said, SOME medics get lucky and are able to go to M6 school without having the M6 option in their contract. This is because the M6 school had some open slots that needed to be filled. One of my buddies was a holdover after graduating 68W school. A week after graduating the 1SG asked the holdovers who wanted to go to M6 school. He raised his hand and currently is a LPN. This had nothing to do with honor graduate status, it was sheer luck. He was in the right place at the right time.

    Its a gamble that I would not take- enlisting as a Medic in "hopes" of being "selected" for the LPN program.

    Just enlist as a 68W M6. If your recruiter tells you that this is not possible, find a new recruiter because he/she is full of it. Recruiters would rather enlist soldiers into critically short MOS's, thus they will give you a song and dance about being a Medic instead of a LPN.