Temporary Nursing License Renewal

  1. Hi--I would really appreciate any feedback concerning my quandry. I am getting my nursing license in another state and hope to get my California license by extension.

    I'm pressed for time before my nursing program starts and may miss one pre-req that is required for a license in California. In other words, I'd be going to California with my NCLEX passed and my BSN, but may be missing one pre-req.

    If I go to California with this pre-req not completed, will I be able to get a temporary nursing license until I get the pre-req completed at a school out there? And, if so, will I be able to extend my six-month license another six months in case I have a problem getting the classes I want right away?

    Again, I appreciate any feedback--thank you!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    If you do not meet requirements for permanent licensure, they are not going to issue you a temporary license. A temporary license can be issued when they have verification of your license from another state, while they are just waiting for finger-print processing, and school verification. Not sure what type of class that you are missing? Best suggestion would be for you to contact the Board of Nursing directly in Sacremento. If you meet the requirements, the BON can issue you a temporary license that day in person in Sacremento.

    I am not following that you are missing a class, but are in a hurry to be in California............is it for a graduate program? Is the pre-req for that program? Usually all required classes are given in a BSN program.
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  4. by   Pachinko
    Thanks for the reply--I'm editing this response because it may have been unclear. Per the California BON, in addition to having passed NCLEX and gotten a BSN, the candidate needs to have taken certain prerequisites in order to apply for licensure. One of the classes required by the state is microbiology, which is what I'll be missing. I would be able to get a license in Michigan without having taken microbio, but technically it is required by the California state. And if the BON reviews my transcripts when assessing my candidacy and find I haven't taken micro, they could turn me down, despite my having passed the NCLEX and gotten my BSN.

    What I was hoping was that if they find this deficiency in my transcripts, they would at least grant me a temp license while I go to community college and take microbio.

    Any feedback about my situation is really appreciated, including any assessment of how likely it is that I will be turned down for licensure because of the microbio not having been taken. Also, if anyone was licensed with having taken hospital micro instead of the traditional micro, I'd appreciate hearing about that too (hospital micro does not have a lab and is less intense that regular micro).
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  5. by   suzanne4
    In order to get a temporary license, you need to meet their educational standards.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what anyone of us tells you, but what the BON does. They go over each on a case by case basis. Best suggestion is to hear directly from them.
  6. by   suzanne4
    What is hospital micro?
  7. by   Pachinko
    (thanks again for the reply!)

    Re: "Hospital Microbiology," here is the description from my school catalog:

    "This class provides a survey of the morphology, physiology and immunology of pathogenic organisms with emphasis on infection, aseptic, and sterilizing procedures."

    It is one credit and does not have a lab. I guess I need to call the BON and see if it qualifies, though I doubt it.