SJSU (San Jose State) Nursing 2011

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm a junior at SJSU (San Jose State University). I applied to the nursing school already for Spring 2011 and am waiting for a response, which I was told would be mid November.My impaction score is 10.77.

    It was predicted that cutoffs this semester would be around 10.08, as was predicted last semester. But it ended up being around a 9.7 for last semester applicants. I know the impaction score cutoffs depend on the applicant pool and that it's impossible to predict with 100% accuracy.

    Is there anyone reading this that is also applying or has applied and been accepted/rejected at SJSU? What advice do you have and do you remember the cutoffs for the past few semesters?

    Part of me think I'll get in since the cutoffs have never been over a 10.1, but I know it gets even more competitive each semester. Also, I know some of my classmates with perfect grades are nervous, so it makes me even nervous.
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  3. by   orangeheart

    I graduated from the Valley Foundation School of Nursing last May (Spring c/o 2011). When I was accepted in the Fall of 2008, my impaction score was 10.3. Some of my friends with lower scores also got in (so I'm assuming it was like 9.-something). With your impaction score, I'm sure you'll get in! It's a great program-I'd recommend you get involved in volunteer experience and/or student nursing organizations to network and get some experience.
  4. by   Themary89
    I'm applying for Fall 2013 admission with an impaction of 10.59. What are my chances? Anyone?! HELP! I'm soooo worried.