Should a patient receive 2nd does of hepititis B vaccine if he developes antibody?

  1. Hello all nurses,

    I had a patient came to my clinic today for his hepatitis B shot. He've got the first shot in April, and today is about 1 month since his first shot. I looked through his chart and found out he had a lab result reveals he had developed Hep B antibody in the beginning of May. The first idea of mine is that he doesn't need other shots.
    I took his chart and asked a doector, and the doctor agree with me. But after I went home, I had another idea, I think maybe the antibody is developed due to the first shot of Hep B and this p't supposed to finish his 3 does of shot cycle. Does anybody has the same experiences? Please advice me how to do.

    Thank you.
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    Found this online hope it helps, talk with the doctor about it. I would recommend to complete the series, (viral example) my father in law had a mild case of chicken pox as a child, so he would test immune for virus, yet as an adult he got a full infection of the virus because he did not have full immunity.

    How much protection is provided for babies, teens, and adults after each dose of hepatitis B vaccine?
    Among a sample of vaccinated persons, 56%-62% were positive for neutralizing antibody 14 days after the first dose, and 94%-100% were positive at one month. Other studies show that after one dose of vaccine, protection ranges from 5%-35%; after two doses, 50%-90%; after three doses 85%-100%. The estimates vary a great deal from study to study, even using the same vaccine and the same dosage. However, considering the fact that the vaccination series alone works very well after exposure, and that the exposed person does not get even a second dose until at least 1 MONTH after the exposure, most would agree that there is good (but probably not long lasting) protection even after a single dose for most persons.
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    I would want to be on the safe side and get all 3 shots. A few years ago, I started my Hep B series when I first started college. I only got to the 2nd shot til some personal things happened and never finished the series. Fast forward when I got into nursing school, my HepB titer showed no antibodies, I don't know if it was because I didn't finish the series or if my body just didn't take it. My brother finished his Hep B series and his titer showed little or no antibodies either so who knows, but his infectious disease doctor said we didn't have to worry about it *shrug* I ended up restarting the series and I showed antibodies on my next titer. PS: I just remembered that after my first series of Hep B (maybe a year or so after my 2nd shot), my mom made me get a Hep titer and I think the doctor said everything looked fine. So definitely weird if I did have antibodies then, and then none after 6-7 years. I'll have to dig up my old medical records and see.
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    I appreciate for your personal experience and the research info.
    I also found out that for checking hep B, usually you'll need patient's blood test for HbsAg and anti-Hbc and afterward, blood test for knowing if patient has developed antibody after vaccination.