SFSU Fall 2012 Admission Hopefuls

  1. I am starting new thread to get to know others who are in same boat as I. I am applying at SFSU for Fall 2012 BSN on Campus. I am eagerly waiting to know decision from school, but so far I have not heard anything. I am very nervous b/c I am applying second time with not impressive TEAS V score of 82.7%. I was on waiting list last year on #69. Is anybody else applying to SFSU?

    Hope to hear from more SFSU Nursing admission Hopefuls!
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  3. by   capogirl
    Hi athinapatel,
    I saw you on the SDSU thread as well. I did not know this is your second time applying to SFSU and you got waitlisted before... Were your marks the same last time? As you know, we are in a similar boat with our TEAS scores and close in GPA, so it is frightening to know that they may not have been enough last time you tried! Of course we are crossing our fingers, just curious if anything has changed with your eligibility since you last applied... Thanks and good luck this time!
  4. by   capogirl
    Ooops.. athinapatel
    I just found on the other thread where you said your TEAS score changed from a 70.7 to your current score of 82.7. That is a big jump! Gives me a little more hope if your were waitlisted with a 70.7, I can see you having a much better chance of getting in this go round... tick tock tick tock!!
  5. by   athinapatel
    Dear Capogirl,

    It feels good to get hear a reply from FUTURE CLASSMATE and RN!!!! Yeah, I had huge jump from 70.7 to 82.7% on Teas V, but GPA is just slightly higher from 3.86 to 3.89. Last year, one of my friend got accepted into the SFSU with 83% on Teas V with GPA of 3.8 or so. Capogirl, you have very good stats!!! 4.0s and 82% on TEAS with Volunteer experience... you have shoe in the program, as far as I can estimate from last year experience. I also realize that this year our applicant pool can be different! I also looked at my TEAS V report and average score that other candidates received for program was 74%. I am very sure we have shoe INNNN!

    Do not take my word for word. I just really want to be positive this yearand learn from my past mistakes (last year I did not believe in my dream or thought that I was not going to get in, and thats exactly what happened). Everyday, I believe that I am in program. I rehearse this everyday... instead of saying...I think I will get in this year....now I say... I KNOW I AM IN THE PROGRAM FOR SURE!!! It's this trick that I learned from book called "Secret"! Really, act like you are in the program, and think like that, and soon it will happen for true.

    Best Wishes,
    One of Your Future Classmate!
  6. by   capogirl
    Thanks for the positive thinking. You are right... all we can do is visualize getting in. Which school is your top pick? SFSU, SDSU, or another? If you happen to get into both, which will you choose? I crossing my fingers for SDSU, but I live and work already in SF so it seems more practical to go to SFSU. Do you have a strong preference?
  7. by   capogirl
    Also, does your friend who got in last year remember if the program and school acceptance's were simultaneous? What I mean is, we know that the nursing program is expecting to make decisions end of March but what about the University acceptance's? Does she remember if those decisions were made earlier or not? I already got the acceptance for CSUEB (last choice) for the campus but not nursing program. So just wondering about SFSU or SDSU time frame for the school itself not the program.
  8. by   tnbutterfly
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  9. by   athinapatel
    Hi Capogirl,

    I have only applied to SFSU and Nursing school in Binghamton NY. My first choice is New York, b/c my mom lives there, and I want to be close to family. So SFSU is my second choice depending on my husband acceptance to this school. You should definately attend school that will suite you, and I am sure you will get accepted into SDSU. I am still waiting to hear from admissions from both school. Let me know when you get accepted into any of the school!

    Best Wishes
  10. by   athinapatel
    Yeah, I really did not asked my friend about that, but last year I recieved notice from SFSU University admission first, and then I recieved nursing decision via e-mail. I think we should be getting some kind of package in mail from general addmin soon.

    Ohh yeah, CSUEB is fast!
  11. by   sunshiine
    Hi guys, I also applied to SFSU BSN for Fall 2012, do you know when we're supposed to find out? Is it early or late March?
  12. by   bombom
    Hey everyone,

    @sunshiine: last year, acceptances were given out late March and anyone on the waitlist was notified of their rank by April.

    As for University vs program acceptances, I believe you should be accepted into the university first before anything else.

    Good luck to everyone applying!
  13. by   sunshiine
    Thanks bombom, it's gonna be a long month!
  14. by   Iamgonnabeanurse
    Hi there, I am also a SFSU nursing applicant!
    Overall GPA 3.32
    Pre-Req GPA 3.68
    TEAS VersionV 90.7
    112hours of volunteering at hospital
    Fluent in second language
    It's my first time applying for nursing program and I have no clue
    I am so scared!!!!!!! Going nutty waiting ......
    Anyone can give me some idea whether there is any hope for me to get in?