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Hello! I wanted to start a forum for applicants that are applying specifically to the Sequoia/SFSU BSN program for Fall 2013. I wanted to invite students who are currently applying, already in... Read More

  1. by   bcmillan
    Congratulations deanna1990 and melygina!!!!!
    can you guys tell us what your stats are? So we, future applicants, can have an idea of what to expect...
    it would be greatly appreciated.
    How exciting!!! CONGRATS again!!
  2. by   bayareanurse05
    4.0 prereqs, 3.7 overall, 100+ volunteer hours, 95 on teas
  3. by   bcmillan
    Nice stats! Well done! I hope I can get a high Teas score when I take the test.. Congrats again and thanks for Sharimg the info
  4. by   emtfox1122
    I received my acceptance to the Sequoia program too today! I'm so happy! this was my top choice! now I don't have to go to samuel merritt's program which is ridiculously expensive!
  5. by   emtfox1122
    Question- anyone else who has been accepted to the Sequoia program have on their online status say CANCELLED? really confused now.
  6. by   sackmanr
    I got in too!!!!!! I am still in shock! Sooo excited to meet and share this amazing adventure with you all!
  7. by   melygina
    Quote from deanna1990
    My application status has not changed on sfgateway yet either.The email said we have until May 13 to reply with a decision and the intent to enroll as well as the other items still say pending admission. I heard after 48 hrs the status is supposed to change and we can enroll online.You are supposed to send in the two forms with your email to Canada College via snail mail or in person. Hope that helps!!Congratulations!!
    You are right deanna1990. I talked to SFSU admission department and they told me to wait few days for them to change our admission status and they will give us approx 2 weeks to intend to enroll. It's good that they are extending the time for us to register as they gave us our nursing acceptance so late

    emtfox1122 which online status say cancelled? Are you talking about the SFSU student admission when you check the
    Mine shows Accept admission offer - Pending Admission Decision, but like i mentioned earlier, it's normal to show this because they will be updating the system for the students who got accepted to nursing school.
  8. by   emtfox1122
    Looks like it was some kind of error on sf gateway- I'm so relieved! I will b for sure attending the sequoia program. Btw, I guess it happened to a couple people, so as long as you got an acceptance email you should be fine

    On a side note does anyone know if the program is 4 semesters now or 5 still? It seems like they are changing the program a little bit. I'm still a little confused on how much the whole program will cost since we are extended learning people.
  9. by   melygina
    Apparently in the last SFSU/Sequoia information meeting, they informed the new curriculum will also be 4 semesters effective in Fall 2013.

    I was also wondering about the overall tuition costs for the program? how much much are we expected to spend in the whole program now that it is only 4 semesters?
  10. by   meekmeek62
    I too got in! Looking forward to meeting you all come fall
    As for the immunizations, that was something that was supposed to be submitted as part of the nursing application (at least that's how I did mine)- I do believe it is also a requirement for SFSU regardless if you are applying to the nursing program.
    Does anyone know when the orientation is or how much the program will cost for all 4 semesters?
  11. by   emtfox1122
    Anyone know how to or interested in making a Facebook group for our Sequoia/SFSU class? let me know- i think you have to have at least 2 people to create the group.
  12. by   Bluejemm
    Quote from emtfox1122
    Anyone know how to or interested in making a Facebook group for our Sequoia/SFSU class? let me know- i think you have to have at least 2 people to create the group.
    That is a great idea!

    I would love to join - or if you want start - a Facebook group for our cohort.

    I can setup the Facebook page this afternoon and share the link on this thread.

    I am so looking forward to meeting all of you! 😄
  13. by   Bluejemm
    Hi Everyone,

    So, I have just created a Facebook group for our class.
    Look for SFSU/Sequoia Nursing - Cohort 10.

    If you have been admitted and are intending to enroll for this coming fall please join, so we can keep the conversation going!
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