San Joaquin Delta College Anticipated Changes

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone know the changes that will be occuring to the nursing program at Delta for Fall 2010. From what i heard, there might be more weight on Science classes instead of English. Please let me know if you guys have heard anything.

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  3. by   Kimberley.RN
    I hadn't heard that, but it makes sense. I mean why put so much emphasis on your English grade over the sciences? I hope they change it!
  4. by   WWE DiVa
    I hope so too! English has way too much weight over the sciences at the moment. Also there is no longer any location priority - anyone can apply and have just as good chance as getting in as the locals.
  5. by   lptkristen
    Admission to the San Joaquin Delta College ADN Program for Spring 2010 Frequently Asked Questions
    ADN Frequently Asked Questions, September 2009 Page 1
    Q. Have the prerequisites to the ADN program changed for Spring 2010?
    A. No. The prerequisite courses remain the same and include:
    English 001A (Written Communications)
    FCS 006 (Nutrition)
    Biology 022 (Intro to Medical Microbiology) or Biology 023 (General Microbiology)
    Biology 031 (Human Anatomy)
    Biology 032 (Human Physiology)
    Q. Has the admission criteria changed?
    A. Yes. Due to changes in legislation and the Education Code, enrollment criteria have been changed to a multi-criteria
    screening which includes previous degrees/relevant certificates, science prerequisite GPA, other prerequisite GPA,
    degrees, science repeats, work/volunteer experience in healthcare, life/special circumstances, second language
    proficiency or advanced coursework, and TEAS test score. All first semester spaces will be awarded by rank order
    (highest points).
    Q. Why has the admission criteria changed for Spring 2010 admittance?
    A. On October 14, 2007, AB 1559 (Berryhill) was signed by the governor and chaptered. Section 78261.5 was added to the
    Education Code, and it states that a school may admit nursing students under a random draw (lottery) process, a
    multicriteria screening, or a combination of both. Delta chose to use the multicriteria screening process rather than
    return to a lottery system. In addition to the need to implement the new criteria, and because the budget crisis has left
    Delta with many cuts to staff, Delta decided to go to an online application process to reduce the number of personnel
    required to handle paper applications. Entering an application process into an online format is very labor intensive and
    it was decided to enter the new criteria prescribed by law to save resources. The Chancellor's office has approved this

    Find out more here:
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  6. by   allsmiles2008
    If you can't read & write, how are you going to succeed, am I right? Thus, the emphasis on English courses... just my 2 cents
  7. by   lptkristen
    I would agree, there are a lot of writing projects in their program (APA style), besides that when you are in the real nursing world you will have to write on a daily basis (charting)!
  8. by   RN_stucky621
    Making it not lottery and opening it to everyone else (instead of locals-only) was the best change ever. Its going to lower the dropout rate drastically.
  9. by   giulistudentnurse
    The Changes for fall 2011 at SJDC ss pharma. Its part of the program now.