Samuel Merritt ELMSN/FNP Fall 2013 Oakland - page 11

I'm not usually the type to forage through online forums, but what can I say - grad school apps are stressing me out! This should get the ball rolling...... Read More

  1. by   dpk1004
    btw, I sent you a friend request!
  2. by   shamu12
    I think I could of been more vocal during the interview. I don't think i stood out enough unfortuately =/. Good luck to those have interviews! Come well rested and don't let the nerves get to you =).
  3. by   dpk1004
    shamu12, were you there yesterday?
  4. by   shamu12
    Yup, I was in the 1 pm group
  5. by   hsingh
    how hard is the program
  6. by   hsingh
    and how much does it cost
  7. by   hsingh
    what they ask in the interview? and how much experience required
  8. by   marisapm
    I thought it was a lot of fun and one of the more relaxing interviews. The directors know that everyone is nervous, so I wouldn't worry too much. I was impressed by the caliber of all the candidates. What has me nervous is that they are interviewing so many for so few spots and everyone is obviously qualified. I would have loved to be in the same cohort as everyone we interviewed with, but with only 24 acceptances... most likely not going to happen :/
  9. by   ALXiong
    Just be confident, be yourself, and show what you get to offer. I am sure that they will see who you are. It is an interactive interview to see teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.
  10. by   dpk1004
    I was telling Quan the exact same thing! Everyone seemed like someone I would love to get to know better. It was definitely inspiring to be in that room! Hope you had a safe flight back marisapm!
  11. by   dpk1004
    shamu12, where were you sitting?
  12. by   shamu12
    I was sitting on the side closest to the entrance and wearing a black suit.
  13. by   chlochlo
    It was truly an honor to be interviewing next to such wonderful applicants, good luck to everybody!