Samuel Merritt - ELMSN FNP - Sacramento 2012

  1. Hi everyone,
    I did not see a post for the Spring 2012 ELMSN - FNP program in Sacramento, so I thought I would start one for all the hopeful FNPs.

    A little about me:
    My name is Jennifer and I live in Rancho Cordova. I have two young boys, 3 years old and 9 months, and this is the first year I am applying to the ELMSN FNP program. I have an undergraduate and graduate degree in Health Administration/Education and realized I want more patient interaction. So, here I am hoping I get accepted.

    Best of luck to all the applicants!!
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  3. by   roofem
    Hi Jen,

    Did you get your application turned in? Mine arrived in Oakland this morning. I read about loads of problems that prior applicants had with NursingCAS. Hope the paper application works better for the admissions folk.

    Did you apply to Case Management and/or ABSN as well? I'm hoping for FNP or CM myself.
  4. by   JeninCA
    I submitted my application last week. I only applied to the FNP program, so we will see what happens. I know the application due date is tomorrow, but I am already anxious. Good luck to you.
  5. by   roofem
    And to you as well.

    From what I've gleaned in past forums, it appears that folk should receive calls for interviews in early to mid-August. Is that your assessment as well?
  6. by   heartfelttouch
    Hey guys!

    I'm so glad someone started this thread! I turned in mine last week too! I'm super nervous!! What did you guys get on your TEAS and GPA?

    How do you check the status of your applications? I'm so anxious! Hope to meet you guys soon!
  7. by   Bizaleth
    Hi everyone - I applied too and have been anxiously waiting. I got the email from ---- that my application was received. For those of us who are a little paranoid that something is going to go wrong in the application process, it's nice that they keep us updated at least. Good luck everyone getting that phone call to interview!
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  8. by   JeninCA
    So I am anxiously awaiting. I also received the email from Liza stating my application was complete. Now for the call or email asking to attend an interview......
  9. by   Bizaleth
    Good luck to you JeninCA (and everyone else in our same situation, as well!) I think I'm more anxious about getting a call for this interview than I was when I was waiting to see if a university would accept me in pursuit of my bachelor's degree! I know we've all put in a lot of effort getting the pre-reqs done, and at least for me that makes me even more nervous - that I put in so much effort for something that may not happen. Anyway, I'm trying to stop myself from checking these posts every day to see if anybody got a call for an interview yet, but I can't seem to help myself!
  10. by   BeHere
    Hi all,
    Thanks for starting this thread! It's nice to know I'm not the only one in this boat. I applied (application in on July 1, and I only applied to Samuel Merritt) and the suspense is already getting to me, even though I know the acceptance process isn't supposed to be completed until October.....Augh! Let's all just try to stay busy, and think positive thoughts! Keep us all posted if you hear anything! Thanks.
  11. by   Bizaleth
    Hi BeHere,

    I haven't heard anything yet, but the suspense is killing me, too! Staying busy and thinking positive thoughts are good - I know it's hard though, because our lives could stay the way they are or drastically change (not to sound too dramatic, but for me, at least, it feels as if it could be a dramatic change!) Good luck to you and if you hear anything, please post!
  12. by   JeninCA
    Yes, the suspense is killing me too. Every time the phone rings I think, "Is this the call?" However, no call yet. Oh, Bizaleth I hear you. It is a drastic but exciting change. I feel like I have worked so hard, as I am sure all of us have, and want it so bad I can't contain myself. Just call already
  13. by   heartfelttouch
    I agree!! I wonder if they have already started calling people already and we just don't know because no a lot of people know about this thread yet? I'm super nervous!! Let me know if any of your get a call for interview!!!
  14. by   heartfelttouch
    Sorry guys I just read my last reply and it totally didn't even make sense. It was 2am in the morning. What I meant to say was if any of you get a call for interview please update us here! Also, I wonder interview calls have been made already but we just don't know?