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Hi Everyone, I applied to CSUS (Sac State) American River College, and Sacramento City College for the Fall 2014 Nursing Programs. It looks like I will be less than 5 points shy from making the... Read More

  1. by   HopefulRN86
    @kelhopeful, honestly akulahawk may have gotten faster at the careplans at the end, but I definitely never got it down to 3 hrs, maybe 5 at the least for me but everyone is different. The careplans aren't necessarily hard, they just take a lot of time researching meds, labs, and the patients' diagnosis, all the stuff you need to do to safely care for your patient. The culture shock came from basically the gravity of how much you need to know at the hospital and to care for patients, and I basically didn't know anything. At the end of the program they get you to know enough to know when to ask for help, they get you so you are safe to start learning. It takes years to become comfortable working as a nurse, and even then you don't know it all. We will always be learning, accept it now! Things will always be changing in medical care. Also, before I got into the program, I did everything I could to get organized at home, it helps when u get in. And maybe extended campus is different, but we never had careplans in 4th semester, just filling out our prep sheet/brain.
  2. by   akulahawkRN
    Quote from HopefulRN86
    Hey akulahawk, so i see you are kinda all over on this site lol, how do you get updates on who posts on the forums you follow?? Do you just check them all the time? You are so fast to reply to ppl! I have read some of your threads, so you are an ED nurse now? Was is hard for you to get a job? I hope to get hired thru sutter since I go to extended but there are no guarantees :/
    I just go through recent posts and look for threads that might be interesting. I am an ED nurse now, but still very early in my career as one. It took me about 8 months to find a position. Many of my classmates are getting jobs or have moved on to a new 2nd or 3rd job. Some are just finding their first jobs. I was at the main campus, so I do not know how the Extended Campus grads are doing. I will say this much about the Extended Campus... it's much faster overall, but your program should otherwise be pretty similar to the main campus program. It's still 4 semesters, just all with about 2-3 weeks of a break between semesters. While you're at clinical, consider this one very long and protracted job interview so act accordingly. Get to know the major players and hopefully they can make things happen for you to get hired.
  3. by   Onmyway17
    Thanks akulahawk! I appreciate you taking the time to share all the SCC info. I have a lot to straighten out with my family before I start school, so it's very helpful. It gives me a little peace of mind, knowing what's ahead.

    Thank you!
  4. by   Onmyway17
    Thanks HopefulRn! That is something I think about, just the enormity of what I will be learning and need to retain. Best of luck to you finding a job!