ROP San Diego???

  1. I am currently a CNA and I would like to be an LVN. I am not familiar with the ROP programs?? I can go to Maric College and spend 21,000 or go to ROP for basicly free!! I am wondering if ROP is a good course to take or would I be better off going to Maric College?? If anyone has taken the ROP classes please let me know how you liked it. When you went out in the working field did you feel like you learned and were confident in what you were doing??? Need to make a decision by the end of this week so if someone could please help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for the help.
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm glad to see the Regional Occupational Program is still alive and well down there in SoCal. Many years ago when I was just getting out of high school, the program trained hundreds of kids for decent-paying jobs such as auto mechanics, nurses' aides, and horticulturists; if it's the way I remember it, you have to be lower-income to qualify for the training (I was ineligible at that time for that reason). That's why it didn't cost anything to go through their programs, as opposed to community college or university programs.

    I say, if you qualify for ROP, go for it! And good luck to you.
  4. by   spunkygirl
    I have known several classmates who became an LPN through the ROP program and they had good things to say about it but now they are doing the RN step up program at community college. As a matter of fact a few others I know are going through ROP now because the RN program waitlists are to long. So if you can go that route it would be much cheaper. And yes you can get a job as an LPN trained in the ROP program too.
    I do know that when enrollment opens for the ROP LPN program that there is a huge line so get there early for the enrollment.
    But if you go the Maric College route instead and spend that much money to be a LPN you may benifit from taking their RN program instead. Which I hear is a good program too (just very expensive). That's just a thought because I know some people that went that route because once again the waitlist was too long at CC and Maric does not have one.
    Good Luck to ya.
  5. by   golbi04
    i would suggest to take it in a com. college. i was about to go to rop but the program there is longer and incase you pass the entrance test , they can still put u on the waiting list depending on you point system (subjects taken ,prev. experience etc.)
  6. by   NurseUBack2Healh
    I have to share with you that I am a recent graduate of an ROP program here in Orange County... and I am very greatful for the ROP. I have been in the medical field for a long time.... all of my training coming from the ROP setting.

    I would encourage you to look at the board website and check out the passing rates of the two schools.... if they are even remotely close, or the ROP is higher, then you should go there.

    The money you save will be worth it.... I only spent about $1900 on my LVN.... and for that I am ETERNALLY greatful!

    Good luck to you... let us know what you do!!