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I really want to get into the Nursing field asap. I've wasted too much time already and need some advice. What's the major difference in work and pay with RN's vs. BSN??? Also, it's pretty... Read More

  1. by   penelopejane
    Califonia State Dominguez Hills has a program that can be done in modules to obtain your BSN after you have completed your RN. This way you can go to work and do it at your own pace, a lot of on line class and you may use some of your work time as clinical as long as you have a preceptor/proctor at the facility that you are working at. Check it out it may be just what you are looking for. Speaking from 15 years of nursing, I didn't have the option to get my BSN initially and it has closed some doors I would have liked to open. But I'm considering the Cal State program.Nursing field asap.

    What's the major difference in work and pay with RN's vs. BSN???

    Also, it's pretty hard getting into an Accelerated BSN here in SoCal so it seems my only choice may be to get the AA RN. Which i would be very happy with if i only knew the difference. I did take some science classes during my Univ stint. Finished with a BA but i still need A & P, and Microbio for the Nursing pre reqs.

    Thanks everybody. I can't wait to get into the field and start working.[/QUOTE]
  2. by   cldaniel
    Quote from mkaszukgirl
    I started with my AAS and then went on for the BSN, and now I am working on my MSN as a FNP. There is no pay difference. It would not matter which degree you initially received, for it would still be the same NCLEX exam. But, if you want management, education, or other advanced degree, you need the BSN. Just remember, you can take your time. Melinda
    A little off subject, but since you're getting your FNP, I assume you must have investigated the Physician Assistant program? What is the difference anyway, as it relates to the working world?