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  1. Some hospitals have college tuition reimbursment for nurses to go for their BSN or other degrees. What I'm looking for right now is free college tuition for dependents. I believe USC gives 144 credits for undergraduate work for dependents of people that work for their system(they have several hospital, but the one that has the tuition I believe is the County hospital. This is in Los Angeles, CA. If anyone knows of free/reduced college tuition for DEPENDENTS for working in a hospital affiliated with a school, please post it here (example: you work at a UC hospital(UCI, UCLA, UCSD and your child/dependent gets discounted tuition), I'm not aware of this, but I want input. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck. I'm moving this to the California forum since you're asking a regional specific question.
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    Hi, I didnt mean it to look like a regional question, I was just making an example of what I believe one hospitals program is, and that was USC. I'm looking for any hospitals that have a program like theirs. Thanks