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  1. I recently applied for a CA nursing license via the endorsement process and it says open now and the education history that it said it was missing is no longer there. Does anyone know how long it will take after it says open? My check was cashed on July 25. Thanks to anyone who could help answer my question.
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  3. by   shibaowner
    The processing times are on the BON website.
  4. by   aeverett
    Thank you! I wasn't sure how accurate the processing times are on the BON site.
  5. by   shibaowner
    Well, they were right on for me. I got my temp RN license in 8 weeks and my perm RN license in 12 weeks.
  6. by   aeverett
    That is awesome! I hope you are enjoying your new job! It has been eleven weeks tomorrow and I am still waiting. I didn't realize that I needed to send the transcripts from all nursing schools...I had it over nighted and they received them on October 6th. Hopefully that doesn't hold up the process even more.
  7. by   MJB2010
    How long was it form when they got your app to when they cashed your check? They have had my app since 9/27 and have not cashed it yet. Im nervous.
  8. by   aeverett
    They cashed my check 7-25th. It is taking forever!