Psyc component of 2 yr. RN program

  1. Hi
    Can anyone tell me how long the psyc theory/practicum is in the 2 yr. program.

    I am a Canadian nurse who has worked in Texas for 5 yrs. and am now working in Canada in the OR.

    I am trying to get my California license and they seem to be having a problem in this area. I did the theory and then spent 100 hrs. in the psyc. unit with a preceptor 15 yrs ago. The Ca. board wants me to do another psyc. course. I am reluctant to do this iso I am trying to reason with them.

    I wrote my NCLEX while in Texas.

    Any info would be much appreciated....

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  3. by   suzanne4
    It is going to come down to how your school worded your hours on your transcripts. That is specifically what they are looking at, just not the number of hours, but what was included during those hours as well. My first suggestion would be to contact your school and have them send a breakdown to CA BON. Otherwise, all of the reasoning that you try will fall on clesed ears. They can only accept the documentation form your school, and only will accept from them. That would be the first choice in trying to get things done with them.