Pccn! Passed and excited

  1. Hi All,
    I took the PCCN Exam on 2/27/2014 and passed yeahhh.... All the best to all who are preparing to take the exam- I studied for one month and its worth it.
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  3. by   A_novice_nurse
    Congratulations, your hard work paid off !!!
  4. by   amanda92305
    Can you give information on what all you studied?...do you think the area that you worked in benefited you? I take mine in bout a month and just can't get focused on where to begin! I have worked on a progrssive/tele unit for over 2 years.
  5. by   TeleRN_OC
    I took the PCCN and failed by 9 points. I studied on & off for a month but I did not dedicated a lot of time like I should have. I dedicated two days to solid studying prior to the test. I used David woodruff PCCN cd's very helpful & a ACCN PCCN book. You might want to know the differences between hyper/hypo kalemia & calemia, ABG's also knowing which leads correspond to the areas of the heart, know st segments changes. Prolonged QT interval & the causes. The ethical is 20% but common sense. Know your DKA. Look over the blue print From PCCN that the ACCN has majority of that is on cardio & pulmo for sure you want to know. Best of luck!
  6. by   matthewandrew
    I am currently studying for PCCN. Is David Woodruff CD really that good?

    Matthew Andrew, BSN RN
  7. by   Janjangh
    All study materials are relative; based on your prior knowledge, experience etc Woodruff sure gives you a solid foundation to build on and trust me you need the basics too. Highly recommend. All the best!
  8. by   Janjangh
    Sorry for the late response. Are u still taking the PCCN tomorrow? If so Good Luck. Your background is awesome. Like " Tele RN" stated in her post, u need to understand and interprete ur EKG and electrolytes and treatment. Hope this helps