Orange County Vs. San Diego County

  1. Can someone please compare and contrast both parts of Southern California for me? I'm debating on which part of california I want to move too. Which has more traffic, or is it the same? Do RNs get paid the same in both counties? Also my big thing is, how is the weather in San Diego compared to Orange county? Is it warm enough in San Diego to wear a tanktop all year round?

    When I say orange county I am referring to more coastal orange county areas such as Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo. I want to live somewhere close to the beach and not have to drive in a bunch of traffic on my way to work. So i'd like to live close to where I work obviously. I'm going to be moving to California after I gradute from nursing school next year. I'll be 22 when I move so I'd also like to live somewhere fun with lots of young people.
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    I replied once to your other post but now I am saying it again hahah. I seriously think you will love love love San Clemente. A lot of young people live down there, ie. all my friends, my coworker who is also planning to be a nurse, and so many other people. My coworker is 24 and always talks about how bars are in walking distance, as well as the beach, and young people live all around her neighborhood.

    It's a beach city with lowwer rent and it is so cute. Let me know if you have any more questions
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    Is there lots of traffic? Any close malls? How is the weather? Its right on the coast after Dana point right? Is there a walmart or target nearby and all that fun stuff?
  5. by   fiveofpeep
    there is a ralphs, no walmart but alot of stores. traffic during mid day is supposed to be awful but otherwise pretty good. close mall is the shops at mission viejo.
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    san clemente does sound kind of nice. is it stil in orange county? or is that santa cruz county?

    what are the good hospitals by san clemente? i really liked hoag hospital in newport beach.. maybe i can still work tehre and just get on pch and drive to work. is traffic bad going north on pch?

    is san clemente located close to teh beach, or is it on the beach? sorry if i sound stupid but i really don't know.

    are there is of young people and stuff you said? i don't want to live around a bunch of families.. i mean i know its unavoidable kind of but i want to meet fun new and exciting people in their 20's.

    i was looking at the average weather.. it doesn't seem like it gets to hot:
    monthly averages for san clemente, ca (92672) -

    lowjan67f44f55f2.75 in.89f (1983)21f (1949)feb67f45f56f2.96 in.92f (1954)27f (1990)mar68f46f57f2.58 in.92f (1988)28f (1979)apr71f49f60f0.84 in.97f (1989)31f (1945)may71f54f62f0.25 in.100f (2004)33f (1950)jun74f57f66f0.13 in.102f (1990)37f (1950)jul77f60f69f0.04 in.104f (1985)30f (1978)aug79f60f69f0.12 in.100f (1955)38f (1978)sep79f60f69f0.35 in.108f (1963)40f (1978)oct76f55f65f0.47 in.104f (1958)33f (1978)nov71f48f60f1.23 in.100f (1950)28f (1980)dec67f44f55f1.84 in.90f (1938)24f (1956)

    would you say thats pretty accurate? i would'nt mind that at all. although i would really like some summer days to reach the 80's. and i'd want to lay out on teh beach and be able to get a tan as well.
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    Its the beach so it is going to be cooler but it gets hot during the summer. The only thing you have to worry about is the marine layer (AM fog) but that burns off. I went to the beach today, in NOVEMEBER, and it was very very hot

    Its the beach and Hoag is not worth that drive. If you have your eyes on Hoag you should move north but there arent any beach cities that are affordable there. Just costa mesa hehe.

    Keep in mind that gas is super expensive and you want your commute to be very little miles.

    BTW Santa Cruz is in Nor Cal. San Clemente is still OC I think but it just borders SD

    The closest hospital is Mission Viejo. In a couple years there is going to be a Monster Kaiser in Irvine opening up too.

    Keep in mind that mission viejo can be cheap also. I live there and the beach is twenty mins away and you are closer to alot more.
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    some hospitals near san clemente are saddleback memorial hospital (san clemente campus), saddleback memorial (laguna hills), and mission hospital (mission viejo).
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    So theres really only one hospital in san clemente? How far is laguna hills and mission viejo from san clemente?

    How is the laguna hills and mission viejo areas like? living-wise?
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    Quote from luv2shopp85
    So theres really only one hospital in san clemente? How far is laguna hills and mission viejo from san clemente?

    How is the laguna hills and mission viejo areas like? living-wise?
    yep, only one hospital located in san clemente. laguna hills and mission viejo are probably about 20 min from san's really not a far drive, especially with the freeways being so accessible (5 fwy). i know a lot of nurses that commute to san clemente.

    laguna hills and mission viejo are relatively nice areas. some areas are older, some areas are newer, some areas are better than others, etc. mission viejo was ranked one of the top safest cities in some magazine (i forgot which one). you should also consider other south orange county cities like: rancho santa margarita, las flores, ladera ranch, and foothill ranch/portola hills. all these cities are right next to each other and near each of the hospitals listed.

    (i should mention that i live in rancho santa margarita, near mission viejo)
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    Hi. I know this thread is a little dated, but I couldn't help but respond.
    San Clemente does have a Wal-Mart. It's off the Pico exit, past the high school. There is also a "Sears Essentials" store off Camino de Estrella (this used to be a Kmart-I used to work there).
    There is more than one Ralphs in all of San Clemente. About about two more Albertsons, a Trader Joe's, a Vons or two, and a small-chain grocery store that I forgot the name of. And plenty of drugstores too, including at least one good 24 hour one, off Camino de Estrella, by the hospital.
    San Clemente is definitely within commuting distance of Laguna Hills and Mission Viejo. It's one of the cheaper beach communities of south OC (along with Dana Point), but definitely still a very nice place to live. Beautiful place.
    Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you've got any more questions about south OC or San Diego.
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    South O.C. is nice & pleasant..Good schools and communities.