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  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm from Cali but am going to school in another state. I'm think of going back to CA for nursing school but I'm really not sure what the admissions game is like. I'm finishing up my pre-reqs for BSN and should be ready to come back home in June 07. So how difficult is it to get in? I hear there's like a 1 or 2 year wait or some kind of lottery system. What is that all about? Does this apply to BSN programs? Can someone help me out with some info and/or advice.

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  3. by   sdmommie
    It depends where you plan on applying. Do you have a preference? I've heard of some schools that don't have a waiting list, but that just means that they choose from the best for that semester and the rest must re-apply.
  4. by   dontknowwhen
    Thanks for the response, sdmommie.

    My only preferences are BSN program in So. Cal. and probably a CSU. Any help really is appreciated.
  5. by   mcStudent
    I'll tell you this, the admissions game is freaking crazy for nursing. It's going to be impacted whereever you go, and it's tough to get it.

    The best CSU for nursing, as I've been told by many, is CSU Long Beach. There's no waiting list there. They take you if you have excellent grades and if you have good recommendations. But, you can only apply twice.

    Other CSU's like LA are easier to get into, but aren't as prestigeous. I guess the best thing I can tell you is to make sure you call the school and let them know you're interested so you can see if your credits transfer. Also find out what they want, like recommendations, volunteer hours, just good grades? Because they differ with schools. Sometimes the pre-reqs are different with different schools. It'll always be A&P, Micro, and English, but some schools require nutrition, and other things as well.

    I hope this sheds at least a little bit of light, but I do know that since you're out of state, that the counselors can help you more since things are different when it comes to transfering from out of state (my cousin is doing the same thing).

    Quote from Miss_Priss
    Thanks for the response, sdmommie.

    My only preferences are BSN program in So. Cal. and probably a CSU. Any help really is appreciated.
  6. by   calstudent10
    hi. i'm actually a california student. I just transferred here because of my family relocating. I also just recently decided to do pre-nursing after 1 year of doing bs bio track. I have looked into different california nursing programs and all of them basically say it's "impacted". I spoke to someone at CSU Long Beach and she said they don't take out of state students. I'm not sure how that works since you came from california originally. I would go onto their websites and check out their requirements. Each school can be a little different and they also have some points systems than might help you to see what all they need. Other than that I would say maybe contact the school by phone or email to ask questions. Hope that helps! Good luck!