Nurses that are private paid end of shift....

  1. Interested in compiling a list of agencies in California that offer private pay -
    Hiring process same, they refer you to private duty assignments, but nurses are paid end of shift directly from patient/family. End of year you receive a 1099 from agency, can operate like private contractor.
    Any information helpful!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Have not seen that in years, and esepcially if the 1099 comes from an agency. It would need to come directly from the family if you were paid by them. Agencies do not operate as the middleman for the 1099.

    What you are speaking of was back in the old days when there were registries. The family contacted the registry for list of nurse's names and that was it, all contracts were with the family or patient and the nurse directly. No involvement of the registry. Such as your mother was in a a hospital, and you wanted a private duty nurse for them for the night, the nursing office usually suppleid you with the name of a registry, or possilbe an agency. If an agency, then the nurse was paid by the agency.
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