Nurse union contracts

  1. I'm considering a move to Covina area from Washington. I want to review the contract that the nurses have with the hospital I am considering. I looked up CNA. There is nothing to review. Where are these contracts at to look at? WSNA has them all online.
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  3. by   NickiLaughs
    Are you sure they're union? A lot of hospitals in Southern California are not. When I lived in Orange County none of the hospitals I worked for were union. Not everyone is CNA union either. You could always call and ask but some HR managers get shifty if you say the U word down there.
    its also much harder to access contracts in California. Every place that I have worked for that was Union you had to already be hired to access the contract. Either it's on their internal website or they give you a booklet. Sorry to not be of more help.
  4. by   buddiage
    I read a story that the hospital I was considering went union. Thanks for your input!
  5. by   outriton
    I don't know where you're looking at, but you can find the contract between the University of California system and the nurse's union online here:

    Current Contract | UCnet

    It says through 7/31/17 but is still in effect now because the negotiations have taken longer than expected.