Northridge RN residency may 2017

  1. Hey guys! Has anyone applied and heard back from northdridge dignity health for the RN residency program in May!?
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  3. by   BoRNi
    Glad a post was started. I actually heard back today and scheduled an interview for acute rehab! My first choice was telemetry but I guess I was not chosen to interview for that.
  4. by   _HopefulNurse_
    Oh wow congratulations!! I applied also but haven't heard anything back. Was it via email or phone call?
  5. by   BoRNi
    It was via phone. They said early April so maybe they are still scheduling interviews
  6. by   Sasanurse
    Hello everyone,
    I heard back on Thursday and I am scheduled for an interview for telemetry unit that was my first choice. Good luck everyone.
  7. by   jayNewRN
    Hi everyone!
    I just got a call today to interview with critical care (my 2nd choice). So excited. They told me they would send me a follow up email to confirm my interview slot. Good luck, everybody!
  8. by   Dolce1993rn
    That's awesome! what time did they call you?
  9. by   jayNewRN
    They called pretty was about 6:30pm (4/10). Haven't received the follow up/ confirmation email (with more info) yet.
  10. by   Sasanurse
    I got information that the interview will be until the 28th of March. There is still time.
  11. by   bnavarro
    Hi guys!

    Did anyone else apply to L&D/postpartum? I have not received a call for an interview but I did have a status change last week about my application being sent to the hiring manager and now it says manager review in progress. I selected med/surg for my second option. Getting a little worried!
  12. by   Sasanurse
    Correction: I mean until April 28.
  13. by   Dolce1993rn
    Hey I also applied to L&D and my status says the same thing. I'm getting worried too but I'm sure each unit gets a call for an interview at different times. Please comment back if you end up getting a call!
  14. by   tink.0814
    Hi everyone!
    I got a call on April 5th and was scheduled for interview on April 12..