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I am trying to get into the North Orange County Regional Occupational Program LVN program. I was just wondering if there is anyone here that went there. If so, how long did it take you to get in? ... Read More

  1. by   BeJuled
    I got accepted to the program too!!!! Yay!

    and to aischick6775 as far as I know, since I just got accepted, the uniforms we will wear to clinicals are all white and I'm not sure if we wear them to class days also!
  2. by   nmac19
    Bejuled I am so excited can't wait see you on orientation day
  3. by   sc312
    hi all! I'm strongly considering trying to get into rop program maybe next year. this question's for anyone whose already been through the application process... what type of questions do they ask you in the interview? just curious!
  4. by   nmac19
    The Questions they ask are

    Why do u want to be a nurse? And a

    Critical thinking question
    Good luck
  5. by   krispie
    does anyone know when exactly in June 2011 does NOROP LVN program will start?
  6. by   j-lopez
    what should i expect from the entrance exam? somebody posted under cbest, has anybody else used this site? to prepare !! for the interview what kind of question are asked !! please help i really want to be prepared!!! thanks j
  7. by   hanna.n312
    Hi everyone, who got acceptance in the LVN program in NOCROP, do u guy know when is the OCT. program starts, cuz i just got my CNA, and finished the fundamental class in different school already..... how can i get an interview? Help,... thank u
  8. by   rpalmer2012
    I know this thread is old, but I am taking the Tabe test tomorrow.. I am so scared, I am beyond horrible in math and I also have test anxiety.. I have been out of school for 25 years, I've got all the books plus some, GED, Tabe, Teas, Mathmatics, and I've practiced online. My fear is everyone says it's basic, but there basic and my basic is two different things. Is there anyone out there that can at least tell me how in depth, or how difficult or easy it really is? I'm almost tempted not to go.. Fear. Only because I haven't been to school in 25 years.
  9. by   rpalmer2012
    I was wondering if you could give me some info, I am planning on taking the Tabe test tomorrow.. I know this post is old, but I am nervous about the test. Everyone is saying it's very basic, however; my question is, how basic is it really? How in depth is the Math and Reading? Thank you
  10. by   rpalmer2012
    How easy is the test? Really? Math? is so NOT my subject at any level.. I've been studying for the test, but I'm nervous.. I've heard it's basic, I've heard it's real easy, but being out of school for 25 years doesn't help my nerves.
  11. by   sreneesa
    Hi everyone!

    To the person above, I hope you passed the TABE exam. If not, take it again. Do not get discouraged.

    To all worried about the TABE exam, my suggestion is just brush up by reading a GED book.

    I have taken the TABE test and passed. Not that difficult. Time constraints were more scarrier. However, Ive always been scared of time constraints in testing. They give you a good amount of time per section so dont worry. lol

    Well, currently I will be starting a 10 week/weekend CNA course at Trinity Vocational Center in Gardena in May on weekends. My goal is to become a LVN and glad I caught wind to this topic as the ROP Anaheim program is my first choice due to location and fees. I figure I will save for the tuition while I wait and take the fundamental course this fall.

    Question, what is the current fees for program? Tuition, miscellaneous? Just trying to get an ideal how much I should save.

    Thank you!