North county SD jobs for RN

  1. Hey guys anyone of you knows where i can possibly i apply to around north county SD, I am hre in Oceanside tho but i am new here i dunno really. I just recently passed nlex and have less than a year RN experience but that was outside the country so i guess im considered new grad..any adive or help would greatly be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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  3. by   blessed_RN
    I've received quite a few emails about new grad positions in Oceanside during the past few months. Relocating to Oceanside was not feasible for me so I didn't keep the emails, and thus can't give you the name of the hospital(s). I would google the local hospitals, look on their website, and give HR a call. Good luck to you!
  4. by   Snwbdr
    There's Tri-city hospital in Oceanside, then various Scripps hospitals (Encinitas, La Jolla), Palomar and Pomerado hospitals in could also check south Orange county like around San Clemente or something......
  5. by   bummer83
    Thanks for the reply guys i really appreciate it, i just want to ask about you opinion about staffing agencies...are they recommended or not really?i thinks its better to be hired directly by the hospital but im thinking abut going thru agencies just in case...but i dunno realy what to expect, any idea?