New nursing student, FCC Spring 2013

  1. Hi I just got accepted to the Spring 2013 nursing program at Fresno City College, I am very excited, I was wondering if any of my fellow classmates are on here?

    Also, what can I do ahead of time to prepare myself best?

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  3. by   alvaf88
    Congrats! I also got a call, but as an alternate. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get in, hopefully I will know on mondays meeting.
  4. by   jescalynn
    Goodluck! They are doing a summer program this year as well so hopefully you can get into one of them
  5. by   alvaf88
    Thank you! The lady who told me I was an alternate said, if I didn't get in for spring I would have a seat for the summer session. So either one would be great. Are you from Fresno?
  6. by   jescalynn
    Yes, born and raised in Clovis. How about you? Thats great though so at least you know for sure you will be in soon
  7. by   jadams46
    Welcome! It'll be a tough road, but well worth it in the end!
  8. by   renayy09
    Hello! I also got accepted into the program! Have you been registered for classes yet? Still patiently waiting.
  9. by   alvaf88
    Yes, I was able to get in for this spring, have any of you been able to check your schedule. I will be commuting from porterville, I was wondering if anyone will commuting as well?
  10. by   renayy09
    Still no schedule for me! I'll be commuting from Modesto. Anyone else!?
  11. by   jescalynn
    sorry guys I dont check this often! I hope you got registered in classes, I did last week I believe, which is a relief, I wanted to start looking for good prices for the books!
    I am very excited, a month left before we start .
  12. by   dougjiro
    I just got accepted into the LVN to RN bridge program at FCC. Anyone else in the program?
  13. by   futureRnwaiting
    Hey Jess,
    I have stumbled upon your forums and I feel inspired! I am also an older student. This will be my third time in the lottery at FCC. Do you have any advice girl? I really want to get you think I have a chance. I am so ready to start my life already! Please respond I appreciate it best wishes and blessings to you and your family!!!