new grad externships in CAli for ER

  1. I am interested in emergency nursing in california. I wanted to know if anyone knew of new grad externship programs in the ER in California. I would appreciate any help. thanks!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You would be looking for a new grad internship, the externships are for students that have not graduated yet.
    Have you already graduated, or when will you be graduating?
    Which part of Calfiornia do you wish to live in? Do you want a large city or a smaller one? A Level I Trauma Center or not? Peds or none?

    If you are planning on graduating then moving, I highly recommend that you get your NCLEX doen while you are still at home. California is not the fastest in getting the results and they do not participate in early results. Once you have a license in hand, you would be able to go to Sacramento and get a temporary license issued that day.
  4. by   knsumb79
    Thanks for the quick reply. I have one more semester to go so I do have some time. I am looking to relocate to the SF bay area. I plan on taking my NCLEX in mass and then applying for reciprocity in ca. I currently work in an ER as a tech and have heard its hard to find a place that will hire a new grad w/o med-surg experience.
  5. by   suzanne4
    You will be applying for endorsement, reciprocity was the term used when the old individual state exams were still in existance. You will only see application for endorsement on their website. In the old days each state had their own exam, and different states required different passing resuts to be able to get a license in the new state. But now there is only one exam and is accepted all over for licensure, provided that the educational requirements are met in that particular state.

    Hiring for the new grad programs will begin around the end of March for most facilities. Interviews will start then. The biggest obstacle that you will come up against is that there are not too many openings and those that have them, usually give them to nurses who did externships at their facility.