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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   Shady602
    What do you mean online class? Are they mandatory online classes? Im so confused!
  2. by   danni314
    ok yeah i called them too. they said the max you can get is $12,500 (like you said) every 8 units and the ACTUAL cost (not counting books, etc.) is $13,000 every 8 units.

    so when we are in online classes do we do clinics?
  3. by   gnomik79
    Danielle, when you say online classes, I think you mean the last 6-8 classes of the program, also called "community courses". My understanding is YES, you have clinicals while you have these classes... If I am wrong, someone please correct me!
  4. by   gnomik79
    Ok, is it 8 units or 8 courses?? Because it's a BIG difference...... I thought it was 8 courses....????
  5. by   Harparia
    Quote from prettyinpink57
    Just saw your post, Diana....I got the books last week and WOWWWW how are we going to learn all of that in a month?!?
    Just thought I would jump in here and say, not to focus on child/newborn assessment. You get that in OB and Peds. However, you should know your developmental stages (ie Erickson, Freud).

    Don't wait to read those chapters. The class really flies, and you can fall behind very quickly.

    A good loan is the Medcap loan. I it is through Wells Fargo. They give very good rates, and the loan is designed especially for health care workers.
  6. by   danni314
    Quote from Shady602
    What do you mean online class? Are they mandatory online classes? Im so confused!
    for those who are starting in august we will not be attending in-person classes, only online.
  7. by   danni314
    hi diane. thanks for getting back to me bout those online classes... and its 8 units. at least that is what they told me today and what i remember them saying last time. haha and it IS a HUGE difference. i was confused cause wouldnt 8 units only be like 2 months worth? i guess maybe call again but both times they said "units". but it is also a quarter system so maybe that is where it is confusing.
  8. by   gnomik79
    Hmm....:thnkg: it is confusing.... Yeah, 8 units is like 2 classes... It can't be that we need $12,500 for just 2 classes, can it? That sounds weird... It wouldn't surprise me if they gave you inaccurate info - they are good at it!:angthts: (i have first hand experience with them messing up on my academic stuff.... like they put me in the wrong degree because of which i was initially ineligible for financial aid....:angryfire So, it took a lot of phone calls back and forth to have it changed to BSN... Idiots, they gave me everything related to BSN including orientation, scheduling, etc... but still had me in the wrong degree in their system! How stupid is that?)

    So, I am glad we are finding out info from one another! This thread has been more informative than any NU representative! Thanks to ALL!
  9. by   gnomik79
    Harparia, thank you so much for the tip about Wells Fargo loan.... I will definitely look into it. Is that they one you have used? If you don't mind me asking: how much did you find you had to borrow from private lenders for the entire program? :icon_roll I am not sure how far you are in the program....
  10. by   gnomik79
    Quote from Tuquies
    SORRY last post I promise...what bank did you all apply to for your loans, and what did you all do for financial aid, I am really worried about this, I just got my bill for $1,335 in the mail yesterday for the orientation and I am stressing on what to do to pay for this! most of the scholorship deadlines have already passed...
    Yes, Samantha, I got a bill for $1395 today too! It didn't have a date by which it needs to be paid.... So, not sure what to do here either....
  11. by   Tuquies
    Okay I FINALLY got through to someone COMPETENT today in the financial aid department. (My cousin got her BSN and is working on her Masters in counseling from NU and says the school is great, but the financial aid is the WORST! They always give her the run around and has to call multiple times and the distribution checks are always late) She told me that the cost of the orientation is counted with the first class, so that $1335 was for the first class as well. Also if your financial aid goes through, and she says once al papers are in it takes 3-4 weeks then you should be fine. To not worry about making payments or touching that bill. If not you will have to pay $200 a month until the financial aid kicks in.
    Okay, it IS 8 units, but it is not on a semester system like in the CC system. NU works on a quarter system, think one semester every 4 months. Thing is form what I gather and what the finacial aid woman told me today...NURSING students often times have schedules that will end up being more than 8 QUARTER units (b/c of clinicals, which we are also charged for) Therefore...$12,500 does not end up even covering tuition. Thats why I said that other guy told me you will end up taking out almost $35,000 for tuition, AND books and supplies. Again, everyone will be different.
    Remember DO NOT take my work as solid, please research yourself aswell, it seems we really all aren't getting full answers maybe everyone can figure out a bit more and between all of us we can figure this thing out!
    They REALLY should provide a finacial aid work shop for nursing students, for one we are REALLY paying out the ear for this school, and two it would probably save them the hassle of repeating themselves half heartedly 60 different times!
  12. by   Tuquies
    Also..EEWW I HATE online classes I find that they are harder and often times end up being more work...maybe I don't prioritize well, or learn by seeing and listening, but there is nothing like being able to ask questions right there and in person...oh well, I am too far in now...
  13. by   gnomik79
    Oh, my God.... (sighing).. this is insane. So, I am confused: do we just wait on paying the $1395 orientation bill? I don't want to get dropped for non-payment...