Moving to BAY AREA too....pls HELP ME!!

  1. Hello!

    My family and I are moving from Wisconsin to California (the E. side of the Bay) and I am looking for a program similar to one that I found here in WI:

    CNA paid training for 6 wks.
    Employment as CNA w/ hospital/clinic for 1 yr.
    Paid schooling for RN degree after 1 yr employment as CNA.
    Guaranteed job as RN w/ them afterwards.

    Any suggestions where I can look???
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  3. by   youknowho
    I live in the South Bay and know of no program like that. Most CNA programs (that I know of) cost about $900 to take unless you go to a community college. There are programs that will pay for your RN schooling in exchange for 2-3 years of work after. I am in a program like that. You do not need to be a CNA or LVN before going for your RN. You might want to do some searching for CNA or RN programs and see want they need to get in. You will probably find that most schools are impacted and competition is fierce. Dont let that get you down and apply for various schools. Good luck.
  4. by   WItoCA
    Do you know where I can begin to look for RN programs that will pay for the schooling, or if you think the one that you are in will work for me?
  5. by   youknowho
    Heres the link for my school. They have 2 programs: 1 regular program that takes 3 years and an accelerated program which is 18 months and paid for by a local hospital. I am in the latter. They both require you to be in the process of being admitted to the university and done with ALL prereqs. They wont even look at you if you are not done and there are 11 of them. The required GPA is 2.75 for the regular program and 3.4 for the accelerated one. Regular students can ask a local hospital to help foot the bill and I believe there are some that do, Kaiser does. The thing is you have to already be admitted into a program. Look around, become familiar with the different program in your area. You said you are looking to move to the east bay, there are many colleges and universities closer to you than this one. Do a search and look around
  6. by   tanaynicole
    I don't know of any programs out here that are set up like that, but if you already have, or close to getting your CNA you may look into Kaiser hospitals.
    I believe they have a forgivable loan program. They will help pay for school while you work for them, and you have to commit a specific amount of time to them.
    I know that Santa Clara Valley Medical center has a 20/20 plan, you work 20hr/week and they pay you for 40hrs, again you have to commit a specific amount of time to them.

    I hope this helps.