Missions at rio vista in S.D.??

  1. Im moving to San Deigo from NY on sunday, I just got my housing info today. Anybody been to The missions @ rio vista? Any info would be great - or even on the area mission valley!! Also I have to do the "walk-through" to get my license, I know things have changed that I have to do a LIVE SCAN for the fingerprints now.. Does anyone know how this works? I will be coming straight from NY and have to find a live scan place to do my firngerprints and then to the board of nursing. Are there problems I could run into and should prepare myself for?

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  3. by   TinyNurse
    I brought my own set of fingerprint cards with me when I did my walk through. If you are going for perm licence get your transcripts to them early. The walk through is a very easy process, and the people at the BON are really nice. My best advice is to have all of your paperwork in order, and the process will go smooth.

    Mission valley is a nice area, lots of shopping, and easy access to alot of things. I loved their Target store as it had 2 floors and an elevator. There is a little amusement park on the beach, and old towne is neat to walk through if you can find somewhere to park.

    When I drove from Sacramento to San Diego I made sure that I hit LA at night, about 9pm and in my opinion the traffic wasn't that bad. Of course I don't know what the traffic is normally like there.

    Have fun on your drive out west! It's a gorgous drive!
  4. by   puresass
    mission valley is a really nice area & it's really central to everything... shopping, dining, movie theaters, malls, entertainment. i don't know anything specifically about that complex, but you can't really go too wrong in mission valley.

    enjoy san diego!