Midlife crisis for nursing program

  1. Hi guys am going through a midlife crisis right now. Not know what to do anymore about trying to get into the nursing program. If someone can please share their experience with about getting into the nursing program. I dont have the best grades and Im trying to apply after I'm done. Someone whose in the same boat or similar situation who made it. Im trying to keep things positive and it seems like its just going down. Is it just me or other out there also (sigh).
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  3. by   biglaughter
    I applied to SJSU for Nursing Fall 2012. Just to let you know, I don't have the best grade in the world, I have plenty of C's. I anxiously waiting for my acceptance/nonacceptance letter in the first or second week of May. I really hope i get in, because if I don't, I really don't know what to do.
  4. by   perioddrama
    I finished nursing school last year. When I applied, I didn't have stellar grades (yeah! lots of C's for my prereqs!). I barely based the TEAS test. The interview? I thought I bombed - I mean, the lady kept talking and wasn't really asking questions. But once I was in, I did what I did to pass my class (yeah! lots of Bs and a quite a few Cs)... but honestly, it's what you know to pass the NCLEX.

    Good luck!
  5. by   bayareastudent0711
    Honestly, apply to the private schools. dominican u. west coast university, etc.

    you can get in. my grades weren't so great. and i got into dominican. wait listed. but thankfully i started the program the second semester i was attending DU because there were openings. you never know. you just have to try. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS! IF nursing is REALLY WHAT YOU WANT. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS.

    if you have the passion to be a nurse. and you perservere i'd rather have you as my nurse than a robot with good grades. it don't matter your grades, those can be fixed, but passion and personality is a little difficult to "fix"
    just hang in there. if you can, be willing to re locate. it's a lot of work applying to nursing school programs, but just don't give up.
    my microbio teacher told me that "the amazing thing about nursing is that there is no one straight path to it, there are so many ways you can get to your goal." Through all those years of nursing, and now looking for a new grad job, that quote has kept me going, because it is soo true.

    okay off my soapbox. best of luck to you folks! you can do this =)
  6. by   1waitingpatiently
    I feel for all of you who don't have the best grades. A few years ago I was kicked out of school and then I continued at a CC. Didn't do very well there either. I decided to stop going to school for a few years. And then returned, took upwards of 60+ units and now I am eligible for several nursing programs. If you work hard and are not in a rush, then you will get where you want to be. I promise. Just keep going and keep applying!
  7. by   winter_green
    I understand completely what you are going through. There is hope. Keep going at it, don't give up. I am a true example of it. PM me, I couldn't send you a message...
  8. by   cvang01
    Hey I want to hear about your struggle but dont really know how to work this website. Can we email? Heres my email cvang01@yahoo.com
  9. by   2dogsandaguy
    Hey there CVang01,

    First things first, The only thing that get's in our way is us. That's it. We are the harshest critics of our own selves. The first thing that I would do if I was you is to determine which schools are of interest to you. Look at the admissions criteria and then contact the admissions office and talk with a recruiter. It the schools have information sessions attended them as that is the best way to get in front of the admissions officials. In the end, deal with the negative emotions of your GPA and then put them away. Next assess what your GPA is and verify that you have the required courses for nursing school if you do not, what a great opportunity to increase your GPA and show nursing schools that you have what it takes to finish the program successfully. It all starts, and ends with you.

  10. by   frias1028
    You have a strong chance of getting into Fresno City College. Try there!!! It's all lottery and your practically in after 2.5 years!!!