Merritt College ADN program? - page 2

I've recently been accepted to Merritt College for Fall 2009. I have heard horrible things about this school and I've heard some good things about this school. If anyone knows anything about this... Read More

  1. by   craizy_man
    those of you who are currently in the ADN program, can you please tell me what it's like? is it as bad as they say, please need help for new incoming students
  2. by   craizy_man
    was anyone able to work during the program? I work per diem at a hospital thinking of at least 1 day every 2 weeks just so I can have the job connection, please tell me, did you all not work at all? how come you have to study before the program evens tarts, that's why your going there, to learn. Why dd so many people drop out? are people expecting it to be easier because it's at Merritt?
  3. by   nursingfocused
    Merritt is a "do-it yourself" kind of program. The teachers are unorganized and the entire staff is unhelpful. However there are people that pass, as long as you get above a 75% you're golden, but that 75% is easier said than done. Good luck to whoever decides to attend
  4. by   Kt21
    Could anyone please tell me what fundamentals book they used? I have applied for 2011 and if I am accepted I would love to get a head start.