Med-Surg vs. Specialty

  1. I'm graduating in December (2 more months!) and am going through a bit of a dilemna. My original plan was to work on a Med-Surg floor for at least a year just to get some general experience and figure out what I want to do. Being 47 years old, however, I'm a little concerned about being able to hold up to the physical demands. Last week, for example, I had to help move a 300 lb. total knee patient from the bed to the bed side commode, and it put a real strain on my back. I've been in a couple of auto accidents over the years and have some back problems--not to mention a torn medial meniscus. Am I being unrealistic in thinking I can handle nursing on a Med-Surg floor? Is it hard to get into a specialty area as a new grad? I've been thinking a lot about psychiatric nursing, too, but have no idea how to get started in this field. Any input will be greatly appreciated!

    BTW - I realize this is more of a general question rather than geographical, but I'm moving to CA after graduation and this is where I usually post.
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