LVN to RN Education Question

  1. Hi I'm hoping someone can help me. If a person takes the LVN and then they take prerequisites for the RN in order to apply to the RN program, do they calcuate your GPA from LVN program along with your prerequisites that you have taken? Thanks
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Different schools have different policies. I went to many schools along the way. One school just listed the amount of credit hrs they accepted from each school. Didn't even list the names of the courses much less the grades or GPAs. The only GPA I got from them, was the GPA they started to calculate from the courses I began to take from them. Am currently in Excelsior, they list the course and grades for each class they are applying toward the degree. GPA is calculated using these grades along with everything earned from Excelsior. However, when you apply to a nursing school, they will base part, if not all, of their decision to accept you on the GPA that you present when you apply. You have to consult the catalogs of the schools that you are interested in to find out for certain. An easier way to find out would be to call the nursing admissions advisor of the programs that you are considering.