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  1. Hi is anyone of you here were asked for you clinical cases from the philippines? I lost my RLE book and my school cant provide me my clinical cases anymore. Does anyone of you knows if i can request directly from the PRC, im a ph nurse since june2013. Thankyou for your replies.
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  3. by   gellie
    Hi! I kind of have the same situation as yours. I graduated last 2009. I endorsed my Nevada RN license here in Cali last August 19. I received a letter 2 weeks ago asking for a copy of my clinical cases and academic calendar. Unfortunately, my school and the PRC can no longer provide it because it's been more than 5 years since I graduated and passed the board exam. They can only send a certification stating the situation and that I completed my cases. I don't know what else to do. What happened to your application?
  4. by   ejmanebre
    My application was still pending, i found my cases but it was just a draft meaning no signatures of clinical instructors and directors of school. I dont know if i still can find my ci before. Did you ask the brn if they were allowing certification atleast coming from the PRC?
  5. by   gellie
    No. I haven't even contacted them yet. I wanted to email my evaluator but I don't have his email add. What did you submit to them? Did you contact them? I only have a certification from PRC and my school mailed to them. When did you pass your application by the way?
  6. by   ejmanebre
    I just passed my application last september, i have this friend from arcadia who also applied for nclex rn and that's what she told me that i should also be able to provide my cases before cuz the brn was asking for it. So for now i asked my friend to come to prc if they can still provide me just a copy of my cases but no update yet. i wish they would accept certification from prc, so it wouldnt be a hassle anymore.
  7. by   gellie
    Yes they're gonna ask for the academic calendar and copy of clinical cases. You can still probably get a copy from PRC coz it's only been 3 years since you graduated.
  8. by   Iamnursedo
    I have the dilemma, I've lost my clinical case and my school has no copy as well as the PRC. What happen to your application?
  9. by   ejmanebre
    Oh yeah? Prc cant provide the cases either? Im now searching for my clinical instructor, i'll try to make him sign my draft prc form.
  10. by   gellie
    still waiting for their evaluation. Been searching for topics here with the same situation. But people never updated. Hopefully, they're not gonna deny my application though.
  11. by   Leindgj
    What happen to your application? Let me know pls 😔
  12. by   ejmanebre
    i didnt continue my application in rn since it'll be difficult and more hassle to find all my clinical instructors before and have them signed since its from different hospitals so now what i did is to apply for LVN instead