looking for a CNA program in sacramento

  1. im a 19 year old working in an assisting living facility and am loving it. i work with med techs talk to doctors log in meds and put start dates in along with my current job...im looking to pursue a career in nursing and thought getting my CNA and getting the pre reqs out of the way would be good..i have looked in WCC, heald and sac city to name a few...i work 40-44 hours a week and am looking for a program that is primarily at night..please help me thank you
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  3. by   luvmyboys
    I havent heard of a CNA program that has night school but I know that San Juan School District has a program through their adult ed division. (www.sanjuan.edu). The Sacramento ROP has one as well: http://www.sacrop.org/classes/classD...cfm?classID=24

    good luck!
  4. by   missmorales
    I am too looking for a CNA program in sacramento. I've been looking online & came across KASH CAREER COLLEGE in Sacramento. Has anyone heard of this program?

    I realized that is a old post, so what CNA program did you end up going to? &How was it? Any information is appreciated!
  5. by   Enthused RN
    hi miss morales, my friend completed the cna program last year at kash career college. she said it was really good training and she obtained her cna license. she will starting at an RN program in southern CA soon (although it did not require the CNA license). i will actually be starting the next weekend program. you should look into the school. it's set in an area that is a bit ghetto but you get your training
  6. by   lilykiss6
    Have you tried Prime Career college, i completed my cna class in 19 days, passed the test and got a job in the facility i did my clinicals at and have been working there for about 2 yrs.

    you can google prime career college, its pretty fast to complete, but its morning classes.
  7. by   missmorales
    hi! i started the program last month & i graduate this friday. very excited! goodluck w/ the program!!!
  8. by   Enthused RN
    yay congrats! which program did you opt for though? prime or kash college?
  9. by   missmorales
    Quote from mxmestiza
    yay congrats! which program did you opt for though? prime or kash college?
    thanks! I'm going to kash career college. Sorry for the late response!