LBCC or Cypress RN Program

  1. Hi. I've been accepted to the RN Programs at Long Beach City College and Cypress for Spring 07. Just wondering if anyone out there is familiar with either one of these community college programs. If so, can you let me know what you've experienced or have heard about either one or both. Thanks.
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  3. by   Dublin37
    I'm in Cypress. It is intense and VERY VERY STRESSFUL. If i had to do it over again, i would've gone elsewhere. Good luck
  4. by   ajsanchez
    Can you give me an idea of how the clinical hours are scheduled at Cypress? I was able to get the lectures hours from the Spring Catalog. Also, which hospitals are the clinicals at? I read in your blog page that you put in a request for a certain clinical site. Cypress does give you a choice as far as clinical sites go? What about clinical times? Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to get an inside scoop on the this school. Thanks.
  5. by   Dublin37
    The first quarter you go twice a wk for 6 hrs w/one pat., then the second quarter, once a wk for 10 hrs. working up to 2 pat. You can give your 1,2,3rd choices, you usu get your first or second. this is from their list of hosp., you can't just choose any, they have contracts w/the hosp. Also, not listed in the catalog, is time spent in the lab. good luck
  6. by   Bhav
    I'm about to make the same decision! Cypress or Long Beach. I've heard that Long Beach is tough and there are many papers to write. Where did you end up?