LA County nursing school Spring 2018

  1. Has anyone applied to LA county for Spring 2018? Any email or regular mail? I have everything in except for my TEAS score and haven't heard anything. Also, does anyone know the last date they will accept TEAS test scores to be sent over to them?
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  3. by   TheCommuterx
    There is no confirmation email/mail for your application. When I applied for Fall 2017, I sent my TEAS score before the application deadline, but I know some people that didn't submit their TEAS score were invited to take the TEAS exam at the LA County campus. So be on the lookout for the physical mail which is a questionnaire + invitation for the TEAS exam if you haven't submitted it.

    The cutoff for last Fall was 77 points I believe. LACCONAH is based entirely on the point system. If you have 80+ points, it's safe to say you will be accepted to the school.
  4. by   vicki09
    hi Jburgos, i am in the same boat with you. I submitted all the requirements except TEAS score. I am still waiting for the invitation letter to take the TEAS exam. I called to the office. They said if you take the exam outside, the deadline is sept 14. There is no deadline if you take the TEAS with the invitation letter. I am not sure. I dont know what to do. The ATI testing center around my place (LA and pasadena) are already full for Sept. If you have any update news, please let me know. thank you
  5. by   jburgos
    Hey vicki09,
    If you want to take the TEAs to get it over with, I suggest looking at other testing centers. I was going to go down to San Diego to take it on 9/11, but I decided just to wait for the invitation letter since it might give me more time to prepare for it. One reason I decided to wait is because its closer for me to drive to the school than San Diego, and because it's pencil and paper form which allows you to make corrections versus a computer. Currently, I haven't received anything, but as soon as I do, I will post it on here to let you know. Good luck and let me know how your process goes. =]
  6. by   vicki09
    yea me eithee. i can't go to far place. So we have to take the paper based test in school? Not computer system? is the test ATI based TEAS exam? After i took the test, can i apply to other school with that score?
  7. by   vicki09
    And also do u know the test is TEAS 6 or TEAS 5?
  8. by   jburgos
    yes, we have the option to take it at the school, and it is a ATI based exam. I think all schools are doing version 6, but I would call the office to make sure on which version they want. After you take the TEAs you can use that same score for other schools your applying to. Some schools only take your first score (you can take it how many times you want), or some schools let you submit whichever score you choose. Just depends on the school since they all have different application processes and deadlines.
  9. by   FutureRN_12345677
    If you don't meet the point cutoff but pass the teas with 80% or above, is there still a chance to be accepted?
  10. by   vicki09
    thank you
  11. by   vicki09
    pls let know if u get any update information @jburgos.
  12. by   TheCommuterx
    Quote from FutureRN_12345677
    If you don't meet the point cutoff but pass the teas with 80% or above, is there still a chance to be accepted?
    Based on previous LA county threads, it's possible to get accepted +/- 1 point from the cutoff. For example, the cutoff for Fall 2016 was 77 points and someone was accepted with a 76. But it won't deviate much from the point cutoff. LA County will completely replace your grade if you retake and earn a higher grade.
  13. by   420medicinecure
    how many points does everyone have? i have 82. everyone post your points.
  14. by   marilynmejiaRN
    I have 89.