Kaweah delta travel rn's please!!!!!!!!

  1. Good Morning Lovely Nurses!

    I am starting at Kaweah delta and need a fun buddy for real. When Im not working, I would like to explore the area and have fun with someone cool!!!!
    Also, someone who understands the hospital culture and can show me the ropes while I adjust. I am just too excited, but I heard Tulare closed down so KDMC is flooded! I am used to this because I am from the East Coast so bing it one!

    Again, need a work/nonwork buddy.

    Holla at me
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  3. by   Sunshine243
    I am looking to work at KD. How has Visalia been for you so far?
  4. by   Sabr
    Unfortunately for me, my agency has treated me very badly! Very poor pay and bad payroll company. I am used to ADP and they are using ktbsonline which is not good. Kaweah delta is OK. Not great and not.entirely bad. Of course, my experience with my company has influenced a lot. I'm switching companies and possibly going to another facility in California if I can help it. Just my opinion.
  5. by   Sunshine243
    @sabr dang sorry about that. What unit were you in? Do you know anything about st Agnes?