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  1. by   Dilly_dally

    They will allow you to request the maximum amount of FinAid so it should be something like this: Sub loan @ $2300 & Unsub Loan @ $6000, and if you have a degree you won't be eligible for the $2300 pell grant. The loans & pell grants are given in 2 disbursements and unlike most colleges, the disbursements are sent directly to the school accounting office where accounting will apply the funds to your account. They call the remaining balance "access" funds and you can make a request to receive those funds. Receiving those access funds can take about a month and a half.

    I'm an undergrad and these are the maximum funds I can request. I'm pretty sure students with a degree can request greater amounts of unsubsidized loans.
  2. by   RN2bNicole1988
    Did you send in transcripts to the BRN from all the schools you attended or just USU (Interamerican) to take the NCLEX?