I need advice please.

  1. I'm about to graduate with a BSN in May. I'm in Cleveland now, but would like to move to the bay area after graduation. With tuition and expenses, I'm going to be kinda broke after graduation. I have been hearing about fantastic signing bonuses for years in CA, are they true? Because that would make my new life in CA possible. Does anyone have any info? I'm willing to work anywhere in California if I have to.

    Many thanks!

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  3. by   suzanne4
    Rule One: If the sign-on bonus is that fantastic, worry about the facility. There is a reason that they are offering that.

    Rule Two: The bonus is heavily taxed, you may see about 60% of it.

    Rule Three: The Bay Area is the highest paying area in the US, you are not going to see fantasitc sign on bonuses. There are many nurses that want to work in the area.

    New grad programs start usually only two times per year in most CA locations.