How nice is Palm Springs???

  1. Any advice on what working in Palm Springs is like? Eisenhower Med Center? Living? working conditions? Things to do?:smiletea2:
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  3. by   chuchie
    Housing is very cheap in Palm Springs compared to everywhere else in SoCal. However, it is insanely hot in the summer! It is not uncommon for temps to reach 120's or so during the summer, it's mostly a community for tourists and people from other areas who have second or third homes there. I have visited out there once and I liked the cabazon outlet mall, the windmills (there are hundreds of them!) the golf courses, this one shopping place in Rancho Mirage (had the cheesecake factory, art shop w/ original Michael Goddard paintings, and a jewelery store that gave out champagne to their customers :wink2 and riding the Tram. They have casinos out there, but I've never been to one of them since Vegas isn't very far away. I have absolutely no idea about the hospitals, maybe some other posters will have some more valuable info for you. Hope this helps a little bit.
  4. by   JaneyW
    I don't know much about the hospitals. I LOVE Palm Springs and hope to retire there some day--in the winter, at least! It is EXTREMELY hot there 24 hours a day in the summer (think from June to September). The casino is terrific--like you are in Vegas. The town is growing, but is traditionally an elderly population and more recently a very gay male population. No judgement on that--just a fact. My husband and I like to go there for long weekends, stay downtown and walk to movies, restaurants--especially the deli--and the casino. Very relaxing and the desert is just beautiful.