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The school that I'm on the waiting list for is in danger of losing it's NLN accreditation. How important is that accreditation for the school? How will it affect my future job searches and getting... Read More

  1. by   psychbabs
    I heard you can't get hired at the VA unless you have gone to an NLN accredited nursing program.
  2. by   elkpark
    Quote from psychbabs
    I heard you can't get hired at the VA unless you have gone to an NLN accredited nursing program.
    The VA near me will only hire graduates of NLNAC or CCNE accredited programs, but I've heard others say that not all VAs have that requirement.
  3. by   SunSurfRN
    Quote from Sheri257
    Ok ... I'll acknowledge that it might affect getting your chances of getting an advanced degree with some programs.

    But it definitely won't affect your chances of employment in California. And I seriously doubt it would affect your chances of being employed in other states either.

    There are people in my graduating class who are moving to other states. They have had no trouble setting up multiple interviews. School accreditation, or lack thereof, hasn't even come up.

    California is a massive state, like a country. Making a blanket statement like this is kind of presumptuous. I actually know a MAJOR hospital organization that will only consider 1) BSN and 2) NLN accredited school graduates. NLN is not a joke or something to be ignored. I passed on a non-accredited school and in this market thank god I did...some of this schools could care less if you get a job they want $$.
  4. by   RLeeRN
    I graduated from a CA ADN program approved by the CA BRN. However, two months before graduation I knew that I would be moving to South Dakota as my wife is still on active duty with the USAF. To make a long story short I was readily hired at the local hospital having taken my boards here in SD, but when I looked into beginning my BSN program at South Dakota State University, they would not even entertain the thought of considering me for entrance into the BSN program. Without my ADN having the NLNAC seal of approval I was not going to even have my transcripts evaluated.

    I have since found an online BSN/MSN program that is CCNE accredited through Liberty University Funny thing is after I complete the BSN from Liberty, SDSU has a MSN program that accepts CCNE BSN grads! It really is pretty goofy. My end goal seems to be heading toward NP, so I have to play the game as far as accreditation goes to ensure I can have access to a NP Program in the future. I say all this because NLN/CCNE does matter if you leave the state of CA in some cases, and especially for APN, and some VA facilities require NLN for staff RN's, and some don't! Did I say how goofy it gets out there? Hope this helps someone. Happy RN'ing