How do I get the BRN to talk to me re: application?

  1. I'm a Canadian applying for a California license. I sent my paperwork in January, and they replied quickly to say I was missing some documents (which I knew about, getting them was in progress, and by now they should have them.)

    I had to re-submit fingerprints as the FBI rejected them the first time, but that was early March, and I have heard nothing since.

    I've tried e-mailing the BRN to see if they've received everything, but they don't respond. I've tried calling, but just get cut off after listening to 5+ minutes of "go to the website" type messages, as "all our circuits are busy, try again later". I've tried calling at different times of day and never get through.

    How do I find out if everything is ticking along with my application? It's been 5 months, by now should I have received the invite to write the NCLEX?

    I realize they are busy, but I've been registered in several different provinces/territories and have never met a board as impermeable as this one! Is there anything I can do? After so many months I'm worried they don't have all my documents yet and I'm just on hold. I haven't written a snail-mail letter yet, is this the secret?

    Thanks to anyone with any advice on how to get through to them!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I applied for licensure in 2006. I received a letter with erroneous reasons to reject my application. I responded in writing, return receipt requested. No response. Emails and phone calls, same problems as you. No response. Just no response and no way to contact them about their refusal to respond. Allegedly, they destroy your application at the three year mark, so I know my 2006 application is gone. Short of a physical trip to the Board office in Sacramento, I don't know what it takes to get them to respond when they don't want to. I am certain, that repeat application fees play some part in this circus of non-response. Good luck to you.
  4. by   Technicalglitch
    Thanks for the quick reply, Caliotter3. Sorry to hear you've had the same problems.

    Does anyone know, if I show up at the office in Sacramento, do they then deal with you? Eventually I would be willing to make a trip if I can't get through, if I knew I wouldn't be turned away by armed guards at the door!
  5. by   caliotter3
    I went to the LVN board when I had business with them. I received good service. My supervisor went to the RN board to turn in her license renewal form at the last minute and also received good service. I don't know what would happen with your license problem. I believe they wouldn't give you a hard time. Suggest going early in the week and early in the day. I am sending in my next application. If I get no action again, I will take my third application in person. I might even take my second application in person.
  6. by   yesdog
    I called five times the other day to ask a question that was not answered on the website. I got cut off every time. SO FRUSTRATING!
  7. by   caliotter3
    PITA when you live in the San Diego area and want a question answered and can't get through on the phone.
  8. by   selby08
    The tales of frustration with CA BRN are legendary! I endorsed to CA from another US state. When I needed to get through to them on the phone I called RIGHT away when they opened and just called and called until I got through. A few times I had to be a little more "assertive" than I may normally be but I eventually got all the answers I needed. I seemed to have better luck when I would ask for peoples' names again (this works not just with the CA BRN but all customer service folks)- it seems like if you get their name they know that you could possibly report them to a supervisor and that you are taking notes about what they tell you.

    If all else fails you could go to Sacramento! Good luck, I know they can be really frustrating.