Hospital's in Redding

  1. Hello all,
    My family and I are considering moving from Maui to the Northern California area, probably Redding.
    I would really appreciate some information (& opinions) about the two hospitals in that area, Mercy & Shasta.
    Any opinions on living in Redding would be great too!!
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  3. by   vicky3269
    Hi Dee. I don't have much info to give you, but I just thought I would share this with you:

    My husband and I were up in Redding last week because I applied to Shasta College's ADN program. I drove by both hospitals, and was very impressed by Mercy West. It looked brand new, in fact all the info I can find on it still shows it is located in downtown west of the 5 freeway, but just down the road from Shasta College is a beautiful new hospital and the sign said Mercy West. It would definitely be a place I would be interested in working if I get accepted up in Redding. We also ended up driving by Shasta Medical, as it is close by the brand new Shasta College's new Health Occupations Center that will be opening this summer so all the nursing programs as well as dental hygiene and their new X-ray tech program will be there in the fall! Shasta Medical looked nice too, apparently they specialize in heart care. I'll be happy to work at either hospital, I just want to get in a program somewhere soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. by   Dee76
    Thanks, Vicky. Good luck with your nursing program, maybe we will work together one of these days at Mercy!
  5. by   inmanclan
    I grew up in Redding and really miss living there now. Shasta College is a very awesome college to attend. My mother graduate the RN program back in the 80's from there. And if I was able to live in Redding again, I would most definatly go there.

    As for the hospitals both of the big ones that they have there are really nice. I used to work for one of them and it was a very nice experience. Both of them are continually growing. Mercy still has an OB while the other one doesn't.

    There is also St. Elizabeth's in Red Bluff. It is only a 30 min drive from Redding and very nice too.

    Good luck.

  6. by   vicky3269
    Thanks for the info Marlana! Which hospital did you work at in Redding???

    Vicky :spin:
  7. by   inmanclan
    It used to be called Redding Medical Center. Now I think it is Shasta Regional.Marlana
  8. by   West_Coast_Ken
    Quote from inmanclan
    It used to be called Redding Medical Center. Now I think it is Shasta Regional.Marlana
    The two hospitals in Redding are: Shasta Regional Medical Center and Mercy Medical Center Redding. They're both about 250 bed hospitals (give or take a few).