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  1. Hello I'm currently studying for the TEAS 6 exam. I'm scheduled to take my exam in December 2017 and need to pass it with at least a 80%. Does anyone know if there's any study groups/classes in the Los Angeles/orange county area that I may attend; besides the ATI study guides online. Or can anyone give me some study guides of how to study for this exam more efficiently? Thank you
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  3. by   futurepediatricRN
    Hi there! I took the TEAS 6th edition for the first time and got a 86.0%. I'm not that type of student to sleep through lectures, never do homework and never study for exams and still get an A in the class, I'm the opposite. I work and study so much just to get an A in any class. So, I would say an 86 for the first time taking the TEAS exam is pretty decent.
    And I have to say my score is thanks to 2 resources: ATI Secerets TEAS 6 study guide book(it's yellow and black. Link to buy on amazon = ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide: TEAS 6 Complete Study Manual, Full-Length Practice Tests, Review Video Tutorials for the Test of Essential Academic Skills, Sixth Edition: 978151673838: Medicine & Health Science Books @ and the 2 practice exams that ATI sell on their site under the products tab. There's a Form A and Form B. (It costs something like $49 each, so my 2 practice exams cost me $100) let me tell you, that study book and those 2 exams served me better than ANY other resource out there. I mean you could try to be studying out of a different book for months straight, but nothing will compare to that duo I'm mentioning. I found out that I basically wasted my time with other study guide books because they just weren't precise with the material that you're actually being tested on. Like 1 study guide had physics in there, and I didn't have anything physics related, and every person I've talked to that took the test also said they had no questions about physics. So, save yourself the time and money, and seriously buy these 2 resources, they are worth their weight in gold. If you don't try these out and instead buy other study guides, you're probably going to have to re take the test (which costs like $90 right?)
    Oh and don't neglect the Reading portion, it could really bring your grade down. Think about it this way: for Math and Science I scored a 93% in both categories. For English I scored a 89%, and just because my reading score was a 74.5%, my entire score went down to a 86.0%. I think if I scored a 89% on Reading, I would definitely have that awesome 90-92% score (around that range). Sadly, I didn't do so good on reading, so it brought me down. Reading has the same exact questions and overall weight of your entire score as the science portion, so that's why it brought my grade down. Remember to practice with the given time limit for each section, because the actual test will not warn you about time running out on a section. if you still have 10 questions left on a section and you have 1 second left, it will literally move on without even warning you, instead, it will say "moving on to the next section." If you took your pre-reqs seriously, science shouldn't be too bad! And math doesn't go any farther than your general Algebra and some statistics questions. The calculator on the exam will be so helpful.
  4. by   highervibrations
    I just took mine last week. I would strongly suggest the manual and the practice tests. The mometrix book is a great resource too although i did notice their math problems on the practice tests were much more difficult than the exam. Manual, practice test, youtube videos and you're set in my opinion.
    One of my classmates took a $500 prep course in North Hollywood called acls123 and still does not feel prepared.