Health Insurance for 19 year old student?

  1. Hello! I have been searching for health insurance for nearly a month now.

    I need it for my nursing program, which requires that my plan covers: ER visits in general, but also specifically in the case of "needle sticks or other high risk exposure in the clinical setting, as well as the costs of anti-HIV drugs if the physician determines the medications are warranted."

    I have been searching and calling. I have been given tons of info, some which I do not understand.

    I am 19 years old, female, and will be attending National University's BSN Program, starting in Oct. 2012.

    I am in good health (vegetarian; workout; watch what I eat (aside from the occasional visits to Ben & Jerry's and Grilled Chesus). I do not take medication nor do I have any diseases. So, nothing major. Generally healthy.

    Do I go with the cheapest plan I can find? Or should I get some PPO?

    I don't fully understand everything. Aside from the internet, my only source of help is from my mother and aunt, whom are too busy to help me. Or they just don't know, either.
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  3. by   RNewbie
    I would contact the school. If the require insurance, they should be able to recommend a company. When I was in school a lot of students already had insurance, the ones who didn't had to enroll in a plan with the company that the school used. They added it to tuition costs and fees and it could be taken right out of financial aid. One thing I have done before is get temp insurance through state farm. I have my car insurance through them and needed temp health insurance and they worked out a plan for me.