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  1. hello,

    i will be looking for jobs in the LA area soon (currently in PA); i was wondering if you can all provide me with a general profile of the health insurance benefit package offered to you by the hopsitals in the area (HMO/PPO/deductibles/copay, etc).

    it'll help me plan my job hunt much better. thanks so much!
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  3. by   peds4now
    If you work at Cedars you choose either Blue Cross HMO or Blue Cross PPO. The HMO option costs you nothing if you are single, about $60 for couple, about $100 monthly for a family. Doctor visits in the HMO are $15 each, and copays for Cedars Medical Group docs and hospital admissions are waived (after a bit of back and forth with billing.) Dental is either Delta Dental PPO or PMI dental HMO. Check ups and cleanings are free with the HMO, fillings are pretty cheap. $2,000 copay for orthodontia. I think the eyeglass benefit is negligible-like a discount at Lenscrafters or something. Drugs are $10 copay generic, $20 non-generic formulary, $10-15 for 3-month supply via Walgreens mail order, even for non generics.

    Plus, it is non-union, so there are no union dues taken from you.

    I think UCLA offers more choice and lower copays, not sure. I hope others post. I'd love to compare, because benefit packages can make up for a lot of other shortcomings.
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  4. by   777RNThatsMe
    Oh my gosh..thats cheap insurance!!!
  5. by   Sheri257
    Quote from 777RNThatsMe
    Oh my gosh..thats cheap insurance!!!
    Yeah but ... you also get what you pay for.

    Believe me, you pay the price one way or the other.

    The only way that insurance is cheaper is if you NEVER get sick.

    My recent Blue Shield HMO horror story:

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    oops I'm not a premium member so appears, I can't read your recent HMO story.