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Has anyone here ever heard of the Professional Medical Career Institute in Thousand Oaks?? Just wondering if anyone has gone through the CNA/LVN program and if you have any details... Let me know!... Read More

  1. by   silleeeeden
    Hey, I just finished up the CNA program at Ventura College and I paid about $400 (Tuition, book, uniform, parking pass, blood test, CPR and such).

    I know that everyone is charging a lot and that many schools are up in a lottery system just for CNA. My friend signed up for the CNA program at Ventura College just like the rest of us...camp out for one of the 90 spots available. The program is the cheapest around, the instructors are great, the quality of the classes are wonderful and you meet a lot of people that might be able to help out you in your nursing future.

    The theory class is during the week but I don't know how it will be for the following semesters because our instructor had just retired. The clinical is once a week from 0700-1450 at either Ojai Valley or The Venturan (I think it changes once in a while though).

    If anyone is interested in attending VC, pick up a packet at the A&R or 'O' Office. Make sure you get the entire thing completed or else they won't take it. And last, but not least, camp out the day before sign up's. Supposedly, they handed out 600 applications for the Fall 2010 classes but space is very limited. People began camping out more than 24 hours before sign up's so be prepared.
  2. by   mikomk
    Quote from vlove
    has anyone here ever heard of the professional medical career institute in thousand oaks??
    just wondering if anyone has gone through the cna/lvn program and if you have any details...
    let me know!

    i recently graduated from pmci for cna program... i like their facility and the service was ok. and the program was only an 8 weeks course. there are several things that i didn't like about this school is mismanagement... for example; your clinical schedule is at saturday in thousand oaks, the instructor is at the pasadena instead of t.o so you end up going to pasadena... this has happened to me and i did not appreciate it at all... and also, their tuition fees are very pricy and you cannot file tax for it... unless money isn't an issue to you then you can probably take your lvn program from this school which is around $23,000 for four semester class... it's a lot of money if you cannot claim it for tax deduction... good luck to you and to all of you who wants to be in the nursing field!
  3. by   fun2bme
    Some of the CNA programs are expensive. Up to $4000 from what I saw on one website. The public programs are less expensive but hard to get into. PMCI is just 8 weeks long - the cost is higher than the public programs. It's in a really nice location in Westlake Village. If you want a class now and don't want to wait - PMCI delivers.